The "I was wrong about Eyedol" thread

He has two heads, and goat feet. F*** you Kanra for bringing that thing back. :slight_smile: In all seriousness, watching his break-down video, there were a lot of things I thought were cool about him. Still would prefer him not to be in the game, but I’d gladly choose him over that stupid frog. As long as the character has been out, that damn toad looks dumb af in the game. sorry.

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I was wrong about Eyedol. I was 100% certain that this was going to be a guest character because they would save Eyedol for a Season 4, but I’m glad they didn’t and I can see it’s impact so far.

As for the gameplay, I had faith that IG could come up with something fun and creative. They made Aganos and a moveset for Arbiter after all.


Having Eyedol comming back removed my hatred of 2 of the 3 guests. I was worried that Eyedol might not make it because 3 slots were used for guests to plug other games. I still don’t like rash, only because I feel that he doesn’t fit in the game as well as Arbiter and Raam.

I am a big fan of the retro. I am also waiting to see how many people get bitter over losing to him. :slight_smile:


So is it confirmed that 3 is the last season. I’m assuming it is, since they are releasing the definitive addition.

No, I still don’t care for him. However, if there are good things I say it sorta would his design. I like how design wise it gives a interesting contrast to Gargos (Gargos is tall and thin while Eyedol is fat and a little shorter) Another thing I admit I like is his music. From what I’ve heard so far it’s MILES better than old theme in my opinion.

Gameplay wise, it’s not for me. Mainly because to even get decent with him it requires a lot of multitasking due to the randomly switching heads and I’m not a fan of that type of gameplay style (combined with fact that he’s another giant character which I’m also not a fan of). But, I’m sure someone will get more out of it than me.

Aganos threw me off more then anything else honestly.

I did jump on the the “Eyedol is goofy” train, purely because I wanted a redesign.

I actually disagree with the notion that KI should be uber serious avoid any and all playfulness.

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If season 3 was the end they wouldn’t have sent out that character survey asking about the future of KI.

Adam Isgreen said before the Eyedol reveal that they want to keep making KI as long as we want to play it

Season 2 had a “complete collection” that implied there was no season 3. We all know how that turned out.


Someone should make a poll with two options,
A)More seasons
B)A sequel

Why not you? : D

I don’t know how LOL

There I did it lol

I guess the best way to say how I feel.
I’m glad Eyedol’s back.

His new design is awesome. It’s really creative, and it seems to fit him well. However, I’m not too keen on the implications of his redesign. He’s technically no longer a 2-headed cyclops (lorewise, not counting the retro here) and, well, it’d be kinda like making Riptor an awesome human-sized flightless prehistoric bird. Probably not the best example, but I’m sure you get the idea.

Just see Eyedol as a custom made 2 headed cyclops, lol

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well, when the probability to see him started go down I came to this forum in rage mode and started to hammer on every topic on him about he must came back. now i’m quite happy to have him, not as perfect as i wanted, but almost 85% of it.

I really like the Green color. It makes him look like some kind of very classic goblin/ogre/troll.

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