The Hatred

You know it’s bad when your old gaming chums RQ on you during a match. I ran into Addictedtochaos (Sabrewulf) as well as Eddie EMC (Thunder) online in Ranked and both RQed after I beat them. Eddie proceeded to explain that Sadira is a cheap character that uses cheap tactics.

I get RQed on a lot, and I really think it is funny, as Sadira is rather lacking in a LOT of places and people who know about her weaknesses generally run the gambit around her. In all the “Who do you hate most” threads, she and Kan Ra are usually tied at who you hate most.

My theory is people have a hard time dealing with her air shenanigans, which shouldn’t really be an issue because most characters have a way of dealing with the craziness in spades.


Lol. I remember that match. Yes, that was at the lowest worst losing streak I’ve had since playing ki. Sorry for being a poor sport, please don’t take it personal.

Since than I’ve learned to looked at matchups a little differently. Sadira is just a frustrating opponent when you are playing a strong player with good mixups.

Would love to hit up some exhibition minus the RQs @WebNRaGnArOk.


Yeah, I’d love to jump into Exhibition some time with you. It’s been a while. I’ve been dusting off my Sabrewulf and Spinal, trying to get all the manuals down again, because there are certain match ups that they are better suited for than Sadira.

No worries about the RQ. It didn’t make me mad at all. I knew you were having a hard time (also the fact that you had been posting “I hate Sabrewulf!!!” rants on the forums, told me that you needed a bit more TLC. :smiley:

Characters that are “different” tend to get a lot of hate. I main Glacius and from day one people would be screaming and swearing before the match even started. Sadira is the other character from the original 6 who doesn’t just stand at mid range dashing back and forth trying to land the jab kick of doom…

With S2 things changed because a lot of the characters play differently. So now people tend to complain about the whole season instead of the individual characters - except for TJ who got piles of hate in the beginning “He’s so YOLO. I mean, I always beat him but I just hate that he trains people to be worse at the game.” snort This was always my favorite because no one rushes to the forum to complain about a broken character that they beat all the time. Kan-Ra has gradually caught up here as well - again because he plays “different.”


Nah, I hate Kan-Ra because the vast majority of his damage is unbreakable, and because he gets a nearly free, unbreakable recap after his friggin’ command grab. The only unbreakable recapture in the game I might add (not including opener recaps obviously). It’s annoying, and his play is repetitive as balls to watch. I don’t mind “different” - I mind characters who get to do consistent, very solid damage off of things that largely aren’t breakable. Eff Kan-Ra :unamused:

And while Sadira certainly can be dealt with @WebNRaGnArOk , I am not one of those people who thinks that she is easy to deal with. She isn’t, and never has been. She has a host of options off her jump, and can at a whim change up the nature of her pressure. While most of the cast has defenses against her shenanigans, she also has a lot of options to get around those things. There’s a reason she has very consistently been considered top 3 in the game, even in S1 before anyone figured out her unbreakables. I actually originally picked up Hisako largely because I figured her counters and moveset would be good against Sadira - I’ve always said that Sadira isn’t especially well-equipped to deal with Sadira’s shenanigans.

I’m always amused at how many RQ’s you seem to encounter Ragnarok. I’ve bodied many, many fools with Sadie since this game came out, but my opponents tend to stay for the beating. I have come to the conclusion that you simply have a gift :smirk:

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If someone is calling her a “Cheap” character either:

  1. Never played her. or…
  2. Have never played Eddie in Tekken or Vergil in UMvC3
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The hatred I get might stem from the fact, that I tend to play my Sadira quite a bit more airborne than some people, of which sounds silly, as Sadira is an areal character, but I like to take things to the next level. I have a decent ground game, but its my areal craziness where everything is. A lot of players don’t like a character they can’t just combo right off the bat. They have to force me to the ground and a lot of them don’t like to think about that. :stuck_out_tongue:

Lol. I’ve played you though…you’re far from the most airborne Sadira I’ve ever seen.

Speaking of which - when we gonna get that Hisako/Sadira rematch? Think we’re currently 2-2 :grin:

Sadira can be very frustrating, particularly if you get stuck in HKD and then you get the double jump right over top of you, could go either way seemingly unblockable mixup. Repeat. As a Glacius player it can be really aggravating because he doesn’t have any great wakeup and his anti-air hails are too slow once she’s right on top of you. But that’s fighting games. If you don’t like getting set up that way, hit her first. I’ve been in a Glacius mirror match against a guy that was just so much better than me that I couldn’t get out of the corner or even make a dent in him. I could rail about how cheap Glacius is, but since it’s a mirror match that doesn’t help.

The bottom line is, if you aren’t mentally prepared to deal with losing, and sometimes losing badly, then you probably shouldn’t be playing a fighting game. We all have our weak moments. Take a break and go play something that doesn’t drive you nuts for a while and then come back when you are prepared to get smacked around again. Unless you’re training to be the EVO champ, the game is supposed to be fun.

Most Glacius players that I’ve played underuse Liquidize or just don’t know how to use it. I’ve played some of the best Glacius players out there and most of them can murder Sadira. TX Hot Dog comes to mind. He knows the match up and knows just how to keep me grounded. Jumping HK is murderous with its range and being able to perfectly place Hail makes things very difficult.

Liquidize, when timed right completely avoids much of Sadira’s pressure.

I have had a lot of trouble against Sadira in the last few days. I main Omen and I have found that Sadira’s normal’s up close and specials moves…all of them beat out Omens normal’s and specials. NO matter what i do, she beats me to the punch. the only poke i can get to work and beat her on every time is crouching light punch. but that really doesn’t do much as you cant really get in an opener. when you do go for the opener…she either shadow spins through you or some other move that beats you out.

Her AD’s also dont look and move at the same speed as others…IMO…her Heavy AD looks like mediums. Her mediums feel like lights.
I dont know what else to do but spam Rashakukens constantly and hope for the best. And usually that doesnt work either. Up close, Omen cant contend with Sadira.

What am i doing wrong?

Most of the good Omen’s I play against, force Sadira to come to them and zone her with his fire balls. He can punish most of her jump ins with his Sabrewulf move.

If he has meter, he can through her attacks. Omen is best when used at a distance with Sadira. If he can keep her grounded, then he can power slide (as long as he has a fireball to cover him).

It’s a tricky fight and can’t be fought like his other battles.

Its very tricky. I have been practicing on very hard to ensure im not getting an easy fight…then play online or a shadow and get destroyed.
Oh and that web splatter…damn it… i was trapped int eh corner last night and literally surrounded by webs and attacks… nothing i could do. it was brutal!

Thanks for the tips!

I don’t think the Omen/Sadira fight is favorable for Omen. It’s still 5-5, but Omen has to approach the MU differently than he does a lot of fights. The trick is to be adaptable to the new dimensions she brings to the fight.

I don’t actually think he can zone Sadira all that effectively. Fireball spam does basically no chip and very little damage even if it does hit you, so Sadira doesn’t really have much to worry about with just pure zoning from Omen. What I think Omen should do in the fight is use the fireballs not to zone, but rather simply to cover his approach. As you said, Sadira can actually beat out most of his approach options, so the trick is to use rashokukens to cover yourself as you come in. Once you knock her down, Omen has more than enough pressure options to keep her locked down. Like with a lot of MU’s in this game, your goal should be to not let Sadira fight. Once she gets on top of you, she’s pretty well equipped to pin Omen down. Also, don’t rely too much on fierce rashokuken - it has a ton of recovery, and Sadira can punish the heck out of it with shadow blade demon. Particularly in close range, light and medium fireballs are better options.

On defense, don’t be afraid to throw out something yolo-ish and then cancel into shadow form. Raw shadow form on wakeup tends to get caught by Sadira’s jump pressure, but a delayed shadow form (immediately after a blocked kunai for instance) can do a good job of turning the tables on her. Shadow slide is also a great “get out of jail” card to play on defense - if she’s pressuring you with widow’s bites on wakeup, shadow slide will get you out of dodge and leave you far enough away that she usually won’t be able to punish. Overall though, your goal is to not have to be on defense very much.

Hope that helps :+1:

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Ha! That sounds like the fight I had with an Omen. Got em trapped and then webbed them to death.

Nah that wasn’t me…This was against the CPU on very hard while practicing up on all the issues i listed earlier. Being that KI CPU can learn what your doing and basically read your moves… after about 5 matches the CPU just went off and went ape shift on me!

I don’t think we have ever played online… if we did it was a while back earlier this year.

That sounds like some great advice…Ill give it a shot! Thanks!

The only reason I hate Sadira is because people think that constant jumping is skillful… The reason I hate Kan-Ra is that he is a setup character who isn’t reliant on setups, he can just force them. No other character in the game can control you on block, let alone it being a zoner who can do it… Sadira is rated as one of the best characters right now, only because of how easy she can get around most of the cast since their tools were gimped sometimes and hers were left as is they just took away her unbreakables.

I can’t do a damn thing against a good Kan Ra. I’m just eating bugs, grabs, from inescapable set ups. I’m just blocking the whole and dying lol. With fulgore I have better luck, but sadira I’m dead from the start. Can’t get in, but if I do I get messed up anyway. I think I’m gonna pick him up, just to make others miserable too. Lol

eating bugs, drinking sand, and a whole lotta pain