The Golem vs. The Ghost in S3

Yes, that is what I’m referring to. I went to the trouble of recording a video of it before you made your edit, so here’s what it looks like if anyone’s interested:!4332&authkey=!AFPXpc9DwGVF5M4&ithint=video%2Cmp4 I turned the hitboxes on and did a raw shadow influence first - you can see how her hurtbox travels with her during the crawl.

Thunder also drags his hitbox forward during his freeze, so I’m aware that it’s also possible to have his shadow COTE stuffed like this as well. But in my experience, it just feels like it happens more to Hisako than it does to Thunder. Maybe it’s that people toss out more panic buttons on Sako, maybe it’s that the small range differential between the two command grabs means shadow influence is done in more “buttonsy” range, but for whatever reason I find shadow COTE is just a lot less likely to get you punched or kicked in the face.

Some of that could be the availability heuristic of course, as I play Hisako far more than Thunder. But trust me - shadow influence can and does get tagged on startup with annoying frequency. I still use it mind you (again, it’s really, really good), but it gets caught a lot more than you might think.

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I have now made it a priority to find new ways to use this command grab. Wish me luck, it’s not gonna be easy :smiley: