The "GGs" Thread! (AKA The Enormous Matchmaking and Rational Beef Resolution Thread)

Oh I thought I crashed lol

Welp @MDMMORNING gg’s man. Your mira is crazy!

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Awww thanks! Your Riptor had me on the ropes there, don’t discredit yourself! GG’s bud, we’ll def have to do it again soon!

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I’ll be on this evening if anyone wants to play. Fair warning - I’ll be running Sako exclusively, and it is my intention to perfect you in every match. Every dirty trick and option select and reset I know will be used for the express purpose of stomping you into the dirt.

If you still want to play, let me know :slight_smile:


If you wanted me over tonight, all you had to do was ask :grin::grinning:

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Edit: This sounded very masochistic. At least in my mind.

I’m ready for the dirt stomping anytime👌

Maybe when I get home from the college. I’m curious to see how a top level Hisako plays.
Besides It’s probably the closest experience I’ll get to getting to attend World Cup :sob:

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At home from work and hopping on KI in 5. First person to respond is the first person I’ll play :thumbsup:



I guess.

Lol. Cool beans - I’ll shoot you an invite.


Prepare the body bags!

GG’s to @STORM179

That guy is pretty great.

Hoo boy.

Can I get a turn getting bodied? :slight_smile:

In a set now, and then have one with Fwuf. You good waiting until after?

Im finally on if anyone want to help me practice for the next hour or so.

@STORM179 No Problem

@FallofSeraphs76 I’ve never played you before, you want to give it a go?

sure send an invite FT5

GGs @FallofSeraphs76


Well, @STORM179 promised dirty Hisako play…
I think I need a bath now.

That was dirty.
Dirty like Hisako’s feet.


Lol. I try to be a man of my word :smile:

GG’s to @MandrillManiac, @Fwufikins, @ZTRAINOVER9000, and @STLemonHunter for all the games. Got a lot of good practice in. :slight_smile: