The "GGs" Thread! (AKA The Enormous Matchmaking and Rational Beef Resolution Thread)

I’m taking tests this Saturday. :frowning:

…but I should be free on Sunday. :wink:


@Marbledecker If you want, Today is my Small Free day before work tomorrow. What time do you usually start winding down for tomorrow? I can see if @Fwufikins is up for another set. Plus, I’ll definitely be on today due to Star Wars: Battlefront Beta launching today.

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Sounds good! I’ll be looking for you online this evening… say around 6:00p (EST), does that work for you?

Yeah,but does! So I’d have to be home by…5:00 Pm my time. (Central). I used to live in FL. as you know, so I know the time change. I’ll try and see if we can get @Fwufikins too.

EDIT: He might not be able to make it due to Time Zone difference.

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Yeppers. Here in Arizona I’m between 1-3 hours behind you all depending on location and time of year

Well, I do still live in FL and provided I’m not a) studying, b) eating dinner with family, or c) watching my nightly movie/TV with my bro - I should be available! :slight_smile:

Just let me know what the meetup time is via eastern time (since, as I said, I live in FL, which is 3 hours ahead of California and somewhere in between for the rest of the U.S.) and I’ll do my best to be there (although I gotta remind you that lobbies are not likely to go over well).

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I’ve run sets with a few regulars here, and run into a few others in ranked as well. Ran an Aganos/Hisako set with @GalacticGeek.

Have run into @CStyles45 in ranked with Hisako also. Were good, close matches, and I’d love to play his Aganos again in a longer set. Styles was gracious enough to accept the invite, but just can’t seem to catch him on at the same time as me.

Also ran into @WebNRaGnArOk in successive ranked Hisako/Sadira matches. We went even with 2-0 sets, so still looking for that next run-in. :grin:

Ran into @CrazyLCD in ranked last night as well actually. I saw from the VOD that I actually generated an appreciable amount of salt from the fights :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: In answer to the question you asked on stream about meaty shadow influence LCD, shadow influence has no invulnerability whatsoever, so you basically just got caught in my influence reversal cleanly while normal influence (being throw invincible) completely ignored your shadow command grab. The other situations where my influence beat yours were just because I was using heavier versions against you - they take longer to come out, so they keep that throw invincibility longer and are good to counter with if you’re expecting command grabs from another Hisako. They were good matches though, even if you were a scumbag for making me play a Hisako mirror. :stuck_out_tongue: I seriously hate that fight…wouldn’t mind doing it again though - I was playing too panicky to be too happy about that win :-/

All in all, have had some great matches with people here. It’s always fun to run into some of the pros online (unless it’s Sleep - Kan Ra can go in a corner and die :unamused:), and to see people who you’ve “talked” with here on the forums. :+1:

It’s at 5 your time. @Marbledecker has the same time zone as you. I’ll do my best to be there as well.

I’m not good enough to fight any of you guys :laughing:

Honestly though, I’m sort of the type who just sticks to single player. I often learn to use crazy tech through you guys. I’ll sometimes jump on Ranked/Exhibition but, as a Jago player taking on Killer ranked Maya’s, you sort of feel less inclined to play online.

I suppose I wouldn’t mind sparring with anyone if you guys/gals had the time too… and patience (first fighting game).

Well, okay… It’s after 5 p.m. eastern time and NONE of you are online. :’(

What gives!?

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Well, it was fun to talk and play with you guys, however brief it was…

I told you about the lobby drops, didn’t I!? To add insult to injury the Xbox preview build with the new UI decided to kick me out of the party too! :’(

Oh well, I still got to watch Arrow with my brother, so at least there’s that. Oh, and of course the Star Wars: Battlefront beta. :stuck_out_tongue:

Have no fear! The Geek was there!

…until next time, peons. :skull:


I can try to make it as I live with central time during the next one. I don’t talk though. Plus lobby disconnects happen a lot.

I’ve already figured out that it’s the game that disconnects me from the lobbies. There’s some sort of code in place inside the game that forces me to auto-drop simply because my connection “isn’t good enough” for it, even though I’ve been able to play games that are far more network-intensive just fine (and with more players to boot) - and by the way, no other game that I own (which is well over 130+ on the XB1, BTW, does this… At all). I think the devs have included this code to get their good reputation when it comes to networking. Don’t get me wrong, it IS good, but it’s at the expense of a lot of people who aren’t able to get better connections such as myself, and in doing so, they’re alienating a rather sizable portion of their user-base in the process. I would rather have slightly more lag and still be able to play in their online lobbies rather than not be able to play in lobbies at all - if you ask me, it’s the lesser of 2 evils. Some fun vs. no fun at all - to me, I think it’s really a no-brainer, and it surprises me that the devs made the OTHER choice.

To IG - fix it.

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@Marbledecker, @GalacticGeek, @LeoFerreis:

Thanks for the great matches! It was tons of fun playing you all in a lobby! I learned a lot, and it was cool to talk and hang out with you guys. This is why I love this community. Everybody is willing to help one another, and hang out with each other. Maybe we can do it again soon! GGs! :blush:


Thank YOU fellas! GGs! Big fun and lots of learning last night. :grin:

Ggs to @R1stormrider earlier today! It was LITTERALY down to both “Magic Pixels” but Stormrider’s Hisako came through and managed to get the final hit. Ggs Stormrider!


Ninja! that set we had on ranked was a very exciting one to play, i had tons of fun fighting against you. may we meet again soon, and lets fight harder next time! GG, it was down to the wire literally lol


It was. I realized if I would have done a DP, I could have won.

But I jumped back instead. Lol


Anyone want to have some gg’s with me :wink:

Gt: Descartes truth

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lol in the back of my mind i was thinking to counter, but i felt you were jittery lol

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