The future of killer instinct

what the heck is up next? season 3 is nearly done. I know we have shadow lords in the summer and probably eyedol. but other than that where do you think the game should go? Another season next year or possibly just building killer instinct 4 in a couple of years. IG and double helix have done a great job with KI and I don’t want to see the game die down again. You guys gotta understand I`ve been a fanboy since the beginning. I was born in 88 so KI came out in 94, I was 6, than KI 2 came out in 96 I was 8, than 21 years later KI 3! I completely lost hope in another KI and thought orchid tig ol bitties were forever out of my grasp LOL. Than Microsoft had KI for the xbone (lol). And 633hrs of gameplay later here we are, I had no idea that KI would be salvaged passed season 1, than season 2 happened, after that I thought that was it. Now with season 3 ive been blown away and wanna try all chars but rash lol. But now that season 3 is almost over, I really don’t know how far IG can go anymore, I don’t wanna see a season 4 with 8-9 more characters, because I would be scared it would be like 6 guest characters and lacking a story mode. I only ask for eyedol, and I think the character development needs to stop. I think after season 3 killer instinct needs patches every other month. fine tunings and such. A final story mode for season 3 chars etc. But as for content, heres my idea list.

  1. Complete HD remake of killer instinct 1 and 2 stages
    2.Tag team matches complete with assists like marvel vs Capcom 3
  2. A mode similar to MOM mode in guilty gear Xrd,
  3. A card ability mode like in heralds and heroes mode in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3

I think this will keep killer instinct going without bloating the characters, I just don’t want ki to die guys! what do you think of the list guys?


Ultimate and no mercy finishers for the entire cast dere.


I agree that if we get any more content for season 3 it should not be characters but rather stages and new modes :slight_smile:

As far as real next steps go, I think MS should go AAA for a brand new KI and use it as a launch title for the new rumored XBox “Scorpio”. Or if not a launch game, a holyday 2017 release.

To make that happen they should already be working on it, and that thought makes me giggle like a baby :stuck_out_tongue:

Why I think MS should invest that much money on KI? I heard the game has 6 milion players out there, which is 4 times SFV’s player base. That alone should be a good reason.

MS realized how much of a hit the game has been despite what they believed in 2013, and the fact that it’s gaining more stage time at conferences it’s the proof of that. Last year promoting Rare replay. This year ,rumor has it, could be used to promote another game ^^. All of this means MS understands what kind of impact a good fighting game can have.

So my wishlist for KI 2017 is:

  • New graphic engine, I’d go for something accomplished like UE4 or CE3.
  • 16 characters at launch (8 classic and 4 original KI2013, 4 brand new)
  • Some new game mechanic, I’d love some kind of full cut scene style animated super moves
  • NRS style storymode
  • Overal animations and models quality improvement



I would be down for this, except the story mode, I really don’t care. But a full shadow bar super - hell yeah! Or give everyone a move they can only use during instinct that works like Shago’s Annihilation (not necessarily a grab, but uses up all instinct and scaled based on the amount of instinct remaining, whether it’s damage, healing or something else). Also, I feel like one or two brand new characters would be more than enough at launch; bring back some more of the classics instead.

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Yeah, I’d love this. Giving everybody a choice on how to spend the instinct bar and also giving the game a more cinematic look.

The idea a fighting game is dead once devs stop adding content is anti-thetical to the idea of a fighting game. The main source of content is the player-to-player fight.

If not getting new characters, stages, and costumes is going to make someone drop the game then fine.

I’ll keep playing so long as there’s someone online to play with.


#Season 4

Besides Season 4? I just want a tag team mode similar to MK9, one life bar per character, one instinct bar shared amongst both teammates. One person can start a combo, and tag your partner in mid combo… I think it could really add a spark for people who just want to have fun, not competitively.

Stages. Fixed retros. Orchid’s hair… Oh, and get rid of those air combo breakers those are an eyesore during a match, IMO.

Add Eyedol

Fix any remaining bugs

Release a “Definite Edition” on disc, which includes all 3 Season Ultras, Shadow Jago, and KI1/KI2



If Eyedol doesnt make S3 then I propose Season 3.5

A new story mode with Eyedol as the Boss

Finish out Omen and Shago colors and accessories

3 new or guest characters
4 total characters added total characters added to the roster

All characters get 1 new move
Add 1 new game mechanic to the game play

Add Ultimate’s
Add a stage for every character
Add new game modes like Classic Ladder with Selectable Season Boss
Add Shadows to all modes as the AI
Character specific Dojo

This to me would be fine IMO and would constitute another season. Anything after this would have to be an entire new game from the ground up.

I would love some classic stages. Tusks Stonehenge ftw.

Tusk says “dah” when you follow Immortal Spirit with arm bash (lk). Not like KI2 dah but still.

I think KI does not deserve to die, it is very well balanced, fun and netcode is best in fighting games.

The problem with KI popularity is, due to its seasonal distribution, it never had a “hype explosion”. Content was coming in moderation like calm river. On the other hand, thanks to this method of distribution this game is almost 3 years old and its still fairly active, which is quite an achievement.

MKX is 1 year old and dying. SF5 was hyped but dissapointment after dissapointment kills it. KI holds up well compared to them.

I think one more season should be the final end to KI reboot. Add 4 extra characters (2 guest, 2 new originals)

Give new stages to existing and new characters. Give all Ultimate finishers.

Some sort of mode similar to the Tekken Force mode, where you fight in the streets against enemies of Gargos.

Then give KI a rest for another 10 to 15 years… But continue the KI lagacy by releasing a mobile version which can generate revenue for M$ so everyone is happy.

@KillerComboX Booooo!! Throws tomatoes. Booooo!!

I don’t think characters are needed there are so many cosmetic and structural things that need attention for a POSSBLE season four.

Hopefully a more advanced character design team and ultimates and more costumes are top priority

Is this about what we think will happen or what we want to happen?

I’m seeing things like “new stages” in here that just don’t make sense. Why would they add more stages to a game with 20 stages? Sure, I would like some more stages, but that’s not going to sell season 4.

If I had to bet on what will happen, I would say we will see a smaller season 4 to finish the game up. 4 more characters seems about right, and maybe they will add in some more features to the game. Not as elaborate as people are asking for, but maybe a few of these things.

KI in UE4 would be amazing!!

Because they started this iteration of KI by having the stages tied to the characters and adding more and more “homeless” characters makes each new addition feel incomplete, even though it would mean the stage count would be higher than most fighting games. But you already knew that…there have already been a plethora of threads about everyone griefing over it.

Sorry, I was typing in a hurry and didn’t fully explain. When I say it doesn’t make sense, I mean it doesn’t make sense to launch another season that has more stages and no characters. No one is going to pay $20 or $40 for a season that is just new stages. Season 4 won’t be 4 new characters and 8 new stages. I would love to see more stages. But if they had the funds to build more stages for free they would have done it already, and frankly, no matter how many people say they want them adding stages isn’t going to generate revenue. So I just don’t see how this makes sense as “the future of killer instinct.” Unless by “future” we mean “fantasy future.”

and should bring back old shadow moves from KI2’s system. im disappointing new shadow moves very much. new ki limited ability shadow moves…