The future for classic fighting games on PS4

Following XBOX One, so far we got SFV & T7 being developed. MKX was made for both PS4 & XBOX One.

But one thing concerns me. Is there any hope to bring back old fighting game franchises forgotten into the next generation?

Will the fighting game genre still continue in the future?

It would be nice to bring Bloody Roar back. Even Primal Rage. Maybe bring Darkstalkers back to life!

Anyone have thoughts?

I think as far as Japanese fighting games go, they may dwindle. Fighting games besides MK, are a niche genre. It being Japanese doesn’t help anymore seeing as how they don’t do well in general on Xbox. It all comes down to how well consumers purchase those games. If Xbox owners started buying more Japanese games or more fighting games it would have Japanese developers porting games more often. Sadly that is not the case and with the Xbox not even doing well in Japan their is little incentive for smaller games or Japanese fighting games to get a port. Even then Xbox fans would steer new fighting game players towards KI instead of a game like Blaze Blue. It’s a tough spot.

Maybe if people bought the new Blaze Blue games Arksys would port over Guilty Gear. Maybe if people actually bought Final Fantasy games they would port more JRPG’s to the console.

As for fighting games in general. The more realistic approach is more NetherRealm games and more backwards compat games. Garou Mow was just released on Back Compat.

This is about PS4.

KOF 14 is also exclusive for PS4, looks like Sony is trying real hard to have the majority stake of FG’s this generation.

The future of fighting games on PlayStation 4 is bright. Its stupid to ask that question.

Change the name of this thread to is there a future to revive more classic fighting games since that makes more sense than the title given.

I’m not try to hurt your feel. But I don’t want to see new another ps4 fighting games because there four fighting games on ps4. But what about xbox one? Xbox One had one fighting games, it’s KI. We need more fighting games for Xbox One!

Also has mkx, I’d say tekken 7 as well. Plus you have skull girls.

That’s still not count… Because MKX and Tekken 7 will come ps4 and xbox one too. I mean fighting games on only PS4. I really want to see new fighting games on only xbox one like KI!

PS4 runs a game at 1080p and 60fps while xbox one would run same game at 30 fps or to get 60fps it has to scale down the resolution.

The GPU in a Xbox one is a HD 7770 equivalent as its really an APU. The PS4 runs the equivalent of a HD 7870 GPU. There lies a VAST difference in power, which is actually why the Graphics in KI even on PC is nowhere near as good as games like MKX as its really a console port.

If I had to buy a console which I will never do because I don’t support a stupid paywall of $50 a year to play online since PC is free and no I don’t want Sony’s spam crap free browser indie games free monthly to comfort me in the gimmick of paying $50 a year to play online but if I had to buy a console the PS4 would be a no brainer. This generation was already a huge disappointment as the PS4 should have been a lot more powerful so buying an xbox one was really out of the question.