The Forum Member Shadows Thread

Admittedly I did, but that’s because I was forced to prepare myself due to the mission difficulty level stating “impossible”. So it was time for me to depend on the trusty killer Fractured Ward + MkIII nanobots combo.

On a side note, I wonder how shadows would do with guardians equipped? At least simple ones like Bat or Ward.

The mimic powers that they get basically fill the same function. They can get things like Armor, Poison, Meter Drain, etc, so really it’s the same thing.


I had a bit of a back & forth with @UncappedWheel82 's TJ shadow tonight. It was kinda funny: he’d get revenge on my shadow, I’d get revenge on his…I’m wanting to say I played against his TJ about 4 times? I’d switch to a different mode for about 10 min or so and when I came back, there he was again in the “beat your shadow” list. lol