The Enders Will Only Be Toggeble After April

According to the news enders will be able to be turned off and on. Unfortunately that option will be only available after April in update 3.1 by then the damdge will be done.

One of the reasons I campaigned against the new enders is that so potential new players coming from the Halo crowd, from the new season hype, and from the PC crowd don’t get to experience something that would completely sour their taste on KI.

An example of this happening to another game is Gears of War on PC. The game isn’t doing well on PC because of day one AMD issues. According to the PC subreddit it’s difficult to even find a match other than deathmatch.

As the crazy guy on the forums I didn’t expect you guys to see the potential threat to new players. When the pro players came out and said it would push them away from the game people finally saw this was a serious issue. Now imagine day one players who don’t even have such as emotional investment to the game as we do face this ender situation that caused even the most hardened KI fan to think twice about the game.

The first month will be rough for new players. I hope you guys see that IG/MS.

Also pls make the old enders the default in update 3.1 and the new ones the one that you need to toggle on.

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You’re never satisfied, unless it is exactly how you want it, huh?
Well, good luck.



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:sob: Kind of true. But that’s only the last part I threw in.

The beginning part is more of warning about the effects of the new enders. Which at this point is unavoidable.

Like the devs made a compromise by adding a toggle feature for the new level 4 enders, you should learn to compromise as well. Accept that you can’t have everything and nothing is perfect.

You didn’t like a feature. Many others didn’t either. And many did like it.
This way, we all get what we want. Take a deep breath, take the victory for what it is, then move on.


Assuming that the new players can get to level 4 enders


i got to say though, it still boggles my mind how they had this feature, and then just decided to turn it off and on, if the pros turn it off during competition, what message does that send? how would it work in online when one person has it on and the other off?


Do we really need another “concern trolling” thread on this? I think, TC, you’ve made your stance clear already. Multiple times.

Toggle will be in, but we’re not going to hold the launch to enable it right now. Maybe not ideal from your perspective, but we’d rather people get them in-hand rather than through a stream and let them judge for themselves.


I would imagine that online you just wouldn’t see it and they would. The timing is supposed to be identical. I asked the tournament question in another thread. I wonder how this will be determined?

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I understand Adam. Good luck on your launch. I never really thought of my feedback as trolling but I guess I should stop if you feel strongly about it. There probably wouldn’t be many threads if they all were combined though, but that’s enough of hearing of my trolling.

For the record… I’m leaving the new enders toggled on.


Alot of fighting games have features that are agreed upon in a tournament won’t be used.
Some tournaments won’t allow you to play guest/bonus characters.
Some tournaments won’t allow you to use specific costumes.
Some tournaments won’t allow you to use items or stage interactions.

It shouldn’t really be a problem if a tournament agrees upon not using certain new features like this one.

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I’m glad they even addressed it shortly after it came out. Lots of new changes come from devs and even if they hear it, they don’t like hearing the idea isn’t as great as they thought and brush the community off.

IG sees our feedback and says, “okay we hear you, we are on it - play it a bit and we will improve based on that, but if not you can toggle it off”. You guys are great, thanks guys

Wait some tournies don’t allow guest characters?