The Division

Anybody here played this?

I am asking because I rarely get to play games, and when I do I really want to play with a group of friends in a game that lets us have meaningful cooperation (when I am not playing KI). I loved the idea of Evolve, and I actually think that’s a great game - but the functionality was not quite there and I couldn’t devote the time I needed to memorize the boards etc. so I ended up not playing it as much as I hoped.

Is this really a cooperative game or is it just another third person shooter?

@TheNinjaOstrich play The Division

@BigBadAndy BTW did you finish ROTTR yet?

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Is pretty cooperative, especially if you’re playing on hard. The enemies take a lot of damage, so you’re incentivized to focus fire and be strategic in how you initiate fights. There also can be a lot of synergy between how your team specs and how you trade space for time, how you handle groups, bosses, etc.

I’ve been having a lot of fun with it. On normal difficulty missions you can probably get by with “standard” 3rd person shooter skills, but I’m finding you have to be a bit more intentional on the harder difficulties.

Watch out though - game is definitely designed to be a time sink. It’s a LOT deeper than I thought it would be, so be prepared to put some hours into it.


I have it on PC, and have been playing a bunch; I’d call it a third person mmo/shooter hybrid, because there is a lot more focus on stats and upgrades than pure shooting. As Storm said, the enemies are pretty bullet spongey, health bars and levels above their heads, and working with at least one other person is the best way to play.

It reminds me a little of Borderlands but in a more realistic way; you’ll replace weapons and gear all the time as you level, and upgrading your base allows you to access better versions of your skills. There’s a ton of missions, side missions, encounters, and collectibles to find.

The Dark Zone is really awesome, it’s got a really tense feeling when around other players, and especially when trying to get the good pickups you’ve found extracted. If you decide to get it on PC, let me know.

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Not yet. I’m probably about a third of the way through. The game is still great, but life keeps getting in the way. I haven’t played any KI either…

Thanks guys. @xSkeletalx if I get it, I will probably get it on console because that’s where my friends are, but I will definitely let you know if I get it on PC. Too bad there’s no cross play…

I picked it up on PC because none of my Xbox friends were interested, that I knew of - I’m not incredibly social on Live directly, so I hadn’t really asked, but I didn’t see anyone post about it on Live or on here ahead of time, and my best friend wanted to get it on PC.

Co-op is alive and well in the game, though, and a lot of the skills or abilities you can equip have additional bonuses for group members; I have a heal skill and cover buff which will affect both myself and anyone in my group close enough (or in the same cover)

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I got it and plan too grind this weekend, been relatively busy with midterms and what-have you.

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The game is fun, but it’s best played with friends, IMO

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Played the beta, but I’m still undecided personally until I know more about the content past the first 10 hours.

I enjoyed the dark zones and the lethality if you’re not using cover, but I’m not sure if there’s enough ways to customize your character that I’ll enjoy. I miss classes.

/still on the fence

Great looking game. Really captures NYC in winter.


Probably a dumb question, but console or PC?

Well apparently there are classes, as I got an achievement for Eliminating enemies with all Gun Classes. But it’s not like the classes we think of. It’s more of a “Play the Way you want” class. Like I have my guy with a lot of “Stamina” (health) on his armor and such, and a Light Machine Gun with a Perk that lets me revive people from a distance, which is a mod I was able to unlock from a certain ability. So technically, I’d be classified as a Medic. I’ve seen some cool combinations like that.

As for Content, there is a lot of content available, but it feels like once you finish it all, there might not be much except for the Dark Zone and Side Missions. You can always go to Situation Boards and get more Missions, but it seems after the main Missions, it might just be grinding levels, and getting your base built. Maybe the Dark Zone too. Haven’t finished the game yet, but I will update once I do.

The Dark Zone is tons harder now, with more encounters with NPCs, and the PvP environment is a bit scarier now, because NPCs actually rush you during an extraction, making it more intense if you have a Trigger-happy team out for your blood, because you jacked their Rogue Friend’s stuff.

Good to hear Dark Zones are scarier. They were pretty devoid of players and NPCs in the beta. A few NPCs would rush you on extractions, but it was never really a lot.

I did customize my soldier with turrets and shields (turret was way too OP not to take), but I think without having the perks stuff turned on (or even shown) in beta I didn’t get a good sense of how ultimately different I could be from someone else.

@xSkeletalx I could play on either, but console = comfy couch in front of big TV, so it wins out.

The diversity you have is your own, and it’s very interesting, as you never know what people have. Like yesterday, I was in the DZ, got my stuff jacked by a group of Rogues. I saw the guy that took my stuff though, so I respawned, and managed to bait the team out and chase me into the Subway. (Think Neo from The Matrix, running from Agents near the end of the movie.) These guys were cussing and spewing so much profanity and wanting me dead, so I ran into a Contaminated Area, with a Contamination Level of 4. Since I had focused on Medic perks, I was able to run in perfectly fine, while the other guys chased me in, not realizing the level. I looked back, and realized they didn’t have the same level I did, so I quickly took note, and ended that entire team due to them losing health from the Contamination anyways.

Stuff like that makes it fun, as it gives you a sense of individuality, and that the class with your perks and talents you make is your own.

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That’s a cool post - and actually a great advertisement for the game.

Normally I don’t do this, but I want to point out that you have a typo (and it’s sort of funny). Rouge is a type of red makeup (so hopefully there aren’t groups of these running around the dark zone) while Rogue is what I think you are looking for.

Seriously though, thanks for all your posts to the thread. You’re giving me a lot to think about in deciding whether to get the game (and encourage my friends to get it).

No problem dude! I’m just sharing it from my point of view. If anything, you can always look at streams and such to get more of what the game is about.

And I fixed the typo. Lol you pointed it out, and it started to drive me crazy. XD

You ditched us bro, what the heck yo.

LOL What? Ditched you? Are you talking about the beta we played?

Thought we were a team man lol no I’m just giving you a hard time

looks good and plays good, but to me its to much of the same looks in the game, same enemies you kill, go there kill few enemie over again… sorry to me its a bit boring. (my opinion).
many people will love the game, i dont.

Amen i just dont think i have the life for this game!

im hearing good things… but halo / KI / QB is going to be enough for me i think.

Ill wait… and probably forget it ever existed like watch dogs lol

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