The Division 2 (If Washington DC falls, Humanity falls.)


Let’s talk about all things Division 2 here once it drops Monday night for Gold and Ultimate edition pre order owners.
So far I’m loving this game and I cant wait to play part 2! Who is with me?
@xSkeletalx @TheNinjaOstrich

The official site…


I’m officially interested in this game :grin:


This is a game I’m definitely interested in, and I played the first for quite a while.

Thing is, I played it on PC (mine is currently in need of replacing) and my friends who I played with don’t enjoy playing games on console. It wasn’t a game I was able to truly enjoy by myself, and playing it with people was what made it fun.

@FallofSeraphs76 is this one you’re interested in playing with people?


LOL…with people…probably not! lol…I prefer the solo realm, but I have played a few sessions with random agents and I just dont like it. If we were friends and knew each other somewhat and where able to atalk that might be different. But when its strangers , and i see this in just about all MP games and it drive sme crazy… this crap where they think its a race to get to the objective marker or whatever and sprint straight to the area and levae you behind. I hate that! OMG!
Its not a race, we are a team! SO that type stuff annoys me to no end.

But Ill be playing it on XBox if you decide you want to play XBox version. BUt so far IM loving this game. WHich sucks because I didnt plan on buying this game , I was finishing up Metro Exodus befoer Sekiro comes out and now IM on 2 new games…DIvision 1 and 2…so I dont know if Ill ever finsih another game again! lol


THe Division 2 is amazing!!! That is all…lol
Seriously you guys aremissing out on a great game, dont care what bullet sponge mess happened in D1…this isnt like that at all.


I’m probably going to try it via Redbox rental first just to make sure I’m enjoying it enough to spend the money. I was planning on buying Sekiro, so it’s a bit of an extra expense.


YEah I have the Ekiro ultimate edition paid for…dammn cheap for a statue, art book, steel case, map, and thre replica coins…$89
I dont know what Im going to do next week when juggling both games lol…IM sure Ill devote my time to Sekiro but dammn did the Division suprise me. Wish I would have gave it a shot years ago!