The differences between Fulgore's model and Kilgore's model

Believe it or not they are very few, you wouldn’t know that at first glance though! Don’t take this the wrong way, I’m not here to point out how “lazy” they were, quite the opposite. They did a very good job of retexturing Fulgore to make him look different as Kilgore! Its amazing how textures can change a 3D model.

Firstly the physical changes, things that are actually newly crafted 3D models for the character or alterations of the base model somehow.

  • New head
  • New “hair”
  • New forearms
  • Removed tubes from sides, arms, legs & neck

Then the texture changes, models that are the exact same as Fulgore but have been textured to make them look different in one way or another.

Most metal plating retextured to have a rusty effect
Chest plating retextured with new bends and stuff
Shoulder & bicep “tendons” retextured to look like metal plating
Neck tendons retextured to look like metal
Leg tendons retextured to look metal as well


Wait, can you control Kilgore in training mode?

(Slightly off topic I know lol)

Not actually, I just shoved him over there in the corner for the sake of comparison. :sunglasses:


So the “Human” option is disabled?

I was unable to select “record” when playing, though I might have just missed it.

@xCrimsonLegendx & @SonicDolphin117 The Record and Human options are both disabled for Kilgore. Can’t train as him at the moment. Only way you can play him now is in Shadow Lords, and once you finish up your campaign you cannot select him (obviously) and the quest no longer appears unless you reset your dossier progress for him. Kind of a bummer.

On Topic:
I think the biggest difference is the lack of glowy bits compared to Fulgore. Fulgore’s eyes, claws, chest, and even pony tail tend to have much more visual punch than most of Kilgore’s body (apart from his face and/or his overheated arms).
Fulgore is much more of a futuristic cyborg super soldier. Kilgore’s more Spartan (basic) design makes him look much more like a walking tank (despite how he appears a bit smaller than Fulgore).

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Yeah Kilgore is more dull by design, he’s a rust bucket of a Fulgore unit. He’s lost his sheen, he’s archaic, brutal and even his face is less sleek. His age shows both in texture and his aesthetic.

Makes you wonder what Fulgore MK-2 looks like.

It’s his retro

Yet somehow Kilgore has Fulgore’s frame. :stuck_out_tongue:

I know the art team probably didn’t want to totally redo the model and skeleton and animations… but I really wish he hd a diffrent body from fulgore. Like, more buky and less sleek… like a walking tank. Kinda like Iron Man vs War Machine.

One of his accessory kits makes me more bulky but I agree, a new model would have been a lot cooler.

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Crossing fingers for this retro:


I’m afraid he won’t get one, Keits called him a remix and likened him to Shago and Omen which don’t have retros. D:

Let me dream!

Also, costumes were high on the survey, so maybe they considered it into making costumes for the remix characters

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Hopefully, if he does get one it’ll probably be retro Fulgore with a new head and Gatling gun hands.

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At least he has 9 colors though, can’t say much for his accessories since I only have him at lvl16.