The devs DROPPED THE BALL with the training

This game was one of my favorites. I’ve played it since it came out and I’m happy to continue playing it… except I’m disappointed with the developers. they really dropped the ball. especially compared to other games like mortal Kombat and Street fighter, the training on this is absolutely horrid. there are no examples. there should be an option where you can see a controller and an example of exactly what buttons you’re supposed to push and when along with a visual aid of the character doing what is intended.
expecting people to learn a new combo system that’s kind of intricate and totally different let alone extremely inaccurate, is just lazy and bad programming.
I would have had a ball with this game if I just could understand what they intend for me to do.

So much potential thrown away. makes me just uninstall and play mortal Kombat again.

I don’t know about that. Generally speaking, the training and tutorial modes are very solid, probably one of the best, if not the best tutorial in a fighting game.

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