The Depth of Trailblazer

Would anyone be interested on some heavy in depth information on this? I know most of us Cinder mains have some idea but the depth I feel is soo much more than what I see even the highest level of play utilize. Some of what his trail blazer can do even somewhat debunks the old saying “Cinder has trouble opening people up” I’m only asking because explaining everything Blazer can do, is going to take a while and I may even look to enlist a couple people to help maybe even do a workshop on it.


I say go for it, add on to the depth and breadth of knowledge. If anything, for me, I’ll read and utilize it to better understand and beat Cinder players. :grin:


Lol, what if I don’t want to help make Cinder more beatable? :thinking: I mean, the stuff I use gets me a lot of mileage. I can elaborate on the technical aspect of it, but as far as how it’s utilized will depend on the player. And in all honesty, the variety is rather overwhelming at times :sweat_smile:

I can enlist you to be my helper for the video :raised_hands: I do think the video would be better with a co commentator. But I need to plan the video a bit.