The definitive Art of killer instinct/guide book

Come on Microsoft! Make it happen! Complete works of art from characters concepts, stage concepts, 3d models and props etc… hero arts and UI Designs combined with a tutorial guide on each character… This would be beyond epic! I’d crowd fund for this!


This technically already exists. Granted, it’s only for Season 1, but the KI Ultimate Collector’s Book/Pin Edition has a bunch of Double Helix concept art.
There’s also lots of in game concept art.

Granted, it’d still be cool to get an updated one with new stuff, maybe some commentary.

I’d have to disagreed that it already exists… to the definitive scale of things… season 1 yea but it was still incomplete in regards to some piece due to spinal and fulgore not released at the time… then we have all of season 2 and 3… plus a an actual guide. Nothing like that exists… and it should. Hopefully.

The S1 booklet had Spinal and Fulgore, so there’s that.
And again, most of the concept art for the rest of the cast is already both in game and online.
If you’re looking for a guide, both @Infilament and @Sajam have extensive character and gameplay guides.

I’m definitely not going to say that I’m against the idea of a big book release, but strictly speaking all of the content that would be in such a book is already available, save for the contents of the upcoming Definitive Edition release in September.

same as above, exists for S1, if made for S2 and S3, would probably buy it

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Yes please. I would LOVE a fat KI book similar to those huge Marvel and DC encyclopedias you can get that pretty much shows and tells you everything there is about every character. We tried to get NRS to do this with MK but it didn’t pan out :frowning:

I’ve been asking @TempusChaoti and @rukizzel for this for quite some time. But, doesn’t seem like it’s likely on our budget and resources.

I like physical things

It’s good to like physical things. I still buy CD’s and game discs when I can.
I’m just saying that if/when an art book with all the KI goodness in it gets released, most if not all of the content of that book is already available with the purchase of the game, or the already existing art book (or for free in the case of the guides).
I’m not saying a new KI Ultimate Collector’s Guide/Art Showcase would be a bad thing. Again, it’d be super rad, and even with all the internet guides out there in still hankering for dedicated dojos for the rest of the cast.
I’m just letting you know that with most of the stuff you’re asking for already available to you, even if it’s in a format you don’t prefer.