The "December/Christmas is NOT Even Here Yet!" Thread

My overall reactions: Disbelief, bewilderment, astonishment, and surprise :neutral_face: :expressionless: :astonished:

My new story now: Just recently my local superstore HAS ALREADY put up/out Christmas decorations and accessories when I went inside to get a few things/items and it is STILL ONLY September. I was all like: What? Seriously? Really now? You must be joking. You gotta be kidding me :expressionless: :neutral_face:

Not only that, this has been going on for quite sometime AND quite awhile now too. But then again I know as well as totally understand now that the festive holiday of Christmas became increasingly commercialized over the past recent years and overall that Christmas has become a commercialized holiday now :stuck_out_tongue:

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Really? Damn.
I expected them to at at least wait until after Halloween to set up christmas stuff.

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Bruh, Summer isn’t even technically over yet.

We should be expecting A Nightmare Before Christmas promos all over the internet soon.


Oh Christmas, one of the most commercialized holidays next to Valentines in the US. Why not just put the tree in the house right now, surely everyone will understand I’m just preparing for the future!



Christmas in July anyone? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :laughing:

They announced a remake/sequel. Does that count?


Well, the thing is Christmas sells. Once fall starts and no one is buying yard equipment, those shelves have to be filled with something. Halloween most retail stores only sell candy and costumes, Thanksgiving only has select food items related to Turkey dinners, but Christmas…boy oh boy Christmas…it’s their mother falcon jackpot!! From cheap plastic balls blasted by a red glitter explosion that likely got down in the lungs of some poor Chinese workers to the bare bones 200in. 4k (ish) TV everyone including your grandmother would be willing to go all Hunger Games on to get for the low cost of the exact same they would have paid for it 4 months ago before the pre-Christmas season mark-up, Christmas sells. So the longer they can have it on shelves the less empty space they will have when they have to put away all their summer products.
:confused: That’s Wall Street capitalism for you.

Not that I’m saying that having Christmas stuff out earlier is a bad thing per-sey, but businesses do what they do first and foremost to make money. And if they put out Christmas stuff in September and it just sat there until after Thanksgiving and didn’t move until then, they likely wouldn’t do it. They’re simply responding to the demand.

TL/DR: businesses like money.

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