The Dead Space 4 Movement w. Dead Space 4 Pet-i-t-ion

Let’s make this happen! Let’s make Dead Space 4 become a reality! :smile: :grin: :smiley: :grinning:

P.S. Already signed the petition for me here :sunglasses:


I’m in as long it doesn’t end up like the gutted husk of a series installment Dead Space 3 was.

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i love Dead space!!! i want trilogy remastered and 4.


So basically MORE survival-horror and LESS action overall for Dead Space 4, yes?

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I love Dead Space :heart_eyes:
The third was off on the whole action but still was ok. Since then I’ve been waiting for the fourth installment for years after that cliffhanger in Awakening.

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So now do you personally believed that Isaac Clarke and John Carver are both STILL alive at the very end of Awakening?

If it’s more like Dead Space 2, heck yes! If it’s more like Dead Space 3, heck no!

I LOVED parts 1 and 2. Part 3 was a major letdown. So many missteps and corporate involvement. It made me sick to play… and not in a good way.

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So MORE survival-horror and LESS action for Dead Space 4; Dead Space 4 should be MORE horror-oriented and LESS action-oriented in the overall Dead Space lore and universe, yes?

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I agree with that.

** Spoilers Ahead **

Dead Space 3 was quite annoying because it was clear they added co-op simply because it existed in Resident Evil 5. This also made certain parts of the game seem disjointed, especially when playing the game solo. Like when you have to fight through a horde of enemies, barely escaping with your life, only to climb a tower and find Carver just waiting there for you, saying “Where have you been?” It’s like he took the easy route and failed to mention it to you.

Also, the story was one dropped ball after another. Anytime the story could reach new heights and generate real emotion, it always disappoints. The awkward relationship with Ellie and her new boyfriend was like a generic Saturday sitcom. For the record, I think Ellie should just have an eyepatch because of what happened in Dead Space 2. Then, when Ellie “dies” to save you later on in the game. I was genuinely impressed that they decided to kill her off so that it puts Issac in a crazy emotional state… then I discovered that they’d conveniently bring her back later on so she could play the stereotypical damsel in distress… so lame. They barely touched on the things that Dead Space 2 left us with such as the origin of the first Marker and it’s purpose. It’s like the Marker was a side note compared to the Issac/ Ellie relationship, which I didn’t like.

I also hated that you had to fight so many human enemies. The AI wasn’t very good and they just weren’t scary or fun to play against. If I wanted to play a cover-based 3rd person shooter, I’d play Gears of War.

The DLC was also terrible, in that it completely changes the ending of the game. It should have come with the main game because it directly continues where the main game left off. You’re literally paying to have a complete campaign mode.

I could go on and on. Dead Space 3 isn’t necessarily a bad game. It’s quite good, but the bar was set so high with parts 1 and 2 that 3 was set to disappoint but it sure didn’t have to.


the Dead Space universe is so good, i read the graphic novels, the books, played the games. it was amazing story telling! i really enjoyed it, and i found myself absolutely surprised that EA had an IP of this calibur under their wing. DS 1 and 2 were crazy good, but 3 for me was also a drop off.

i would hope that EA and Visceral throw us another DS game, and i would really want for them to go back to a return to form of 1 and 2. we dont need a bro style shooter for this series, we need blood, horror, death, and insanity. thats what made DS so awesome in the first place, isaac was ■■■■■■■ crazy the entire time and not even you the player knew it. awesome twist!


It’s cool to see other DS fanatics around here. I created this Isaac Clarke skin for the Android live wallpaper called “Shake 'Em All”:

I even have a “Marker” Dead Space beanie!:!Amu5bTY5AzmKgppHCJ-pKLpGtYSbUA

I got all achievements for Dead Space 1, 2 and Ignition. By the time I got finished with the campaign of Dead Space 3, I never wanted to play it again. I will say that beating Dead Space 2 on hardcore mode shaved at least 7 years off of my life. So stressful.

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Hey guys I wanted to ask something and hope to hear your responses. What do you think of John Carver?
To me, I like how they’re both somewhat ‘buddies’ and both appear different in both looks and personality. I can keep going on why I like this weird friendship but I’ll keep it simple: Carver the muscle-headed Earth Defense soldier wearing suits associated with the color red and health HUD from DS1 whose the most experience in combat and less affected by the Marker than Isaac; Isaac the unstable CEC engineer wearing suits associated with the color blue/teal and health HUD from DS2 whose the most experience in fixing/building stuff from scraps and more the straightforward genius than Carver.
The only thing I ask for from EA is give Carver more character in hopefully the next game and maybe give both unique traits like more damage or nodes for Carver and more scraps or small discounts for Isaac to use in stores or benches.


I like Carver as a character but I agree that if he is to be used again, that he should have different traits than Isaac. Maybe he should have the ability to handle weapons that Isaac can’t, like heavy military weapons.

I don’t want the main campaign mode to be co-op though. I think it would be awesome to have two separate campaign modes; one as Isaac and one as Carver but certain events would intertwine and explain what happened in the other. Each campaign would be about half the length of the previous campaigns (so that combined, it’d be about the same amount of time). After completing both campaigns, then you’d have the ability to play through the final part of the game as either character.

Co-op would be awesome if there were specific missions outside of the main game, maybe as a prequel to the main game to set up storyline events, or perhaps a horde-style mode.


That reminds me. They should add a horde mode type co-op; the difference is they’re still moving from one spot to another fending off against necromorphs or the new Unitologist cults called the Convergence while being objected to wait for someone to bypass locked doors or find a way to clear the path before their ultimate demise.

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is visceral studios even around?

edit: nevermind, theyve been working on a star wars game for the past 3 years. maybe after this they’ll do dead space???

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Here are the reasons why we never saw a nor get to play Dead Space 4:

makes sense. but you know, if they have amy hennig that would be really good for dead space. uncharted is one of the best modern day series! dont agree that the commentator says “maybe it shouldnt” in terms of dead space coming back. ■■■■ him lol, they can totally do something with the IP


So I take it Amy Hennig is one of the (motion-capture) performers in AND from the Uncharted series?

Dead Space 4 as a REBOOT for the Dead Space series as he said at the very end of the video? :slight_smile: :wink:

no she isnt a motion capture performer. lol

Oh, she is actually a game character in Uncharted then?