The CPU A.I. Is In Need Of A Re-work

I have recently lost my Xbox Live Gold, and have since been having fun doing First-to-10s with the Kyle A.I.

But the A.I. Is VERY wonky. I believe that it’s difficulty has gone WAY down over time. And i believe it is because the A.I. just plain doesnt understand any of the new systems.

Everything that has changed recently seems to be affecting it negatively…

  • Season 3 mechanics / tools.
    The A.I. doesnt understand how to use any new S3 tech in offense OR defense. Jago will NEVER use a fully charged fireball, RARELY cancel out of it (which i believe is a mistake), and always gets hit by charged fireballs that are thrown at him. He rarely even attempts to block them.
    Sabrewulf cant handle his Lp-Mp-Hp Target combo. He doesnt use it, and cannot defend against it. He does not shadow counter it, and he can be PERFECTED by using Lp-Mp-Hp-Ragged Edge over and over in a loop.
    I have also never seen Flipout used… like… ever.
  • Season 3 Juggle timings.
    The A.I. Will VERY commonly miss the same juggles in the same way multiple times in a single match. Some too early, some too late. (Mysteriously enough, the AI will create its own VERY cool juggles on-the-spot in unique situations. But when it comes to hitting bread-and-butter juggles after a launcher… they cant do it.)
  • Frame traps
    Not sure if this is actually a S3 thing, but frame traps are non-existent. TheY dont DP you when you try yours, and they dont perform any of their own.
  • Shadow counters
    Again, not sure if new or old, or if the new S3 tools have an effect, but they cant ever calculate when to Shadow counter. They DO use shadow counter some times, but VERY rarely, and at such ODD times. They never use it in response to a pattern.
  • Shadow efficiency
    They love to cancel unsafe special moves into invincible DPs, but they dont actually give you a window to push a button, so they end up just wasting the meter.
  • Combo enders
    The A.I. never attempts a set-up after a wallsplat, They never go for meter when they need it, they never use combo traits effectively, they never take advantage of hard knock downs, and they never go for short combos into launcher into juggles.

Maybe i am lame for suggesting work be put into a feature that is rarely used, but i would imagine this affects Shadow lords as well. (never played Shadow lords.)

I think ramping up the difficulty would make the game more fun for all levels of players. New players could practice with difficult A.I. and learn real, usable, setups from them. Seasoned players could actually challenge themselves with an UNBEATABLE A.I.


Does Shadow Labs work without Gold? If so I would do that instead.

I need to make a shadow before i can play, but i will test a little and get back to you.

Edit #1: The training AI was absolutely smarter than the Kyle AI. It still suffered from ALL of the issues i listed, but it played tighter and punished better.

Yes, the Shadow Lab works with just a Siver account.

I would suggest playing with Shadows instead of the AI. I think the AI can be fun a times, but playing Survival against Shadows in WAY better IMO, so I’d suggest doing that.

On topic though, yeah, the AI probably should get touched, that being said, the AI was pretty heavily touched already in Shadow Lords, so I wonder if the changes there actually had an effect in other modes too. All in all though, the AI isn’t the most…uh…consistent way to level up in any FG. At every level the AI is going to be exploitable to a degree, hell, this goes for static Shadows as well, so if you are looking for a real challenge, and you don’t have Gold at the moment, play in Shadows…with friends. :grin:

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All the AI in the game should be Shadows-based, to the extent that that is practical. Kyle AI might’ve been more competent in the past, but it has never played a realistic game of KI.

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They can be crushed by flipouts, they don’t tend to block often and just take the setup. That’s how I’ve been winning. But, they also do things from Season 1 that don’t work anymore.

Like Jago will still grab into Shadow DP on occasion. Some inconsistencies here and there and it should call for a potential adaptation to new mechanics even at the minimum to keep them from not making errors in gameplay.

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Out of them all, I believe Cinder has the worst AI. He drops combos for days.