The Complete Soundtrack - file format?

the store page for the soundtrack doesn’t state which file format is used or how much storage is necessary. would also be interesting to know how many tracks there are. I’d appreciate it if anyone can answer this. as a reference, the Definitive Edition in the Windows Store uses ogg files, has 65 tracks which are around 205MB big.

There are 68 items with the total size of 724 MB

in 320k mp3 format

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ug, its 2017, who uses mp3 anymore?? seriously…crap. AND they want you to pay for it as well??? Who in their audio dept has ZERO class and ZERO quality taste? ug. just junk. We are PAYING for the soundtrack, put it in WAV/uncompressed FLAC or at least something worthwhile, some of us have DECENT audio setups, and they’ll just DESTROY a 320 mp3 :stuck_out_tongue:

eagle, kilgore, shin hisako included ?

Yes those tracks are included

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