The Complete Season 3 Logo will be revealed with the Season 3 Trailer?

Why there its not a “Season 3” in the Logo? Maybe because the Complete Logo will only be revealed with the Season 3 Trailer just like Season 2? And there its any confirmations that we will have the silhouette of the characters in the trailer like Season 2?

There probably will be eventually.

The main logo won’t have a season tagline on it. It was confusing to some people over what was KI / DLC / etc.


Nice, that was a rather large complaint that a lot of folks had about the “season 2” logo.


But now people will be confuse about Season 1 and Season 3 Logo :confused:

Great, seeing “Season 2” on there always felt a bit off.

One being red and silver, the other being green and purple. I think people will be able to tell.


Yeah… I think you are right… but… Then why we are calling Season 3 when the Logo looks like Season 1… LOL
I mean: [Killer Instinct] could mean 3 different things:

  • The Original Killer Instinct in 1994
  • The Reboot in 2013
  • And now Season 3

Perhaps so, perhaps on Season 3 receiving the same format/treatment just like in the case for Season 2

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Season 3 will be mentioned in the menus and such, but the main logo will not have a season moniker on it.