The Brazil gaming show ended, where is the Rash info?

The Killer Instinct Twitter account mentioned new info on Rash during the Brazil Gaming show and Phil already did his presentation. Where is the Rash info?

Ya I was really hoping to see his Full Ultra with the blade kick, obviously no idea whats called lol, and all sorts of goodies from rash and possibly news!

According to @rukizzel, he said this next coming week :grin:

Not confusing or ambiguous at all :wink:

Aiming to show you a lot more next week. As in the end of next week.


That is very cool and awesome to hear AND know, Rukari. I can hardly wait now too for next week :smile:

like they say slowly

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Yes, but of course. They indeed said just that too :wink:

Shouldnt have said anything. I would be so happy to log in to the forums one day and having news there all of a sudden. Now every day is just a disappointment and now i hear end of next week? Thats a long time. IG im not saying you are doing the qrong thing but you are playing with my feelings and crushing my heart :’(

Going through Rash Withdrawl… :dizzy_face: