The Bored at Work Thread!


Glacius? Yes… dudes really tough to beat right now. Once you get in on him he has the invincible DP which is also a great Anit air…so its tough to stay on top of him.


thats a nice dp you got there, would be a shame if…hisako countered it bwhahaha. but my other fighters must block :frowning:


Mainly its when he Anit airs is when it gets me.


Empty jump to grab or low is your best friend with this matchup. Still, doesn’t mean those counters are any less frustrating


Against Hisako, yes, but we are talking about Glacius in the hands of a high high level player.


I don’t really understand the excessive disgust he’s receiving. He doesn’t seem as annoying as other characters in the roster and I’ve been against against high glacius players like Waterhouse and I had more fun than frustration with him


I dont necessarily mean frustration as in gimmicky like Hisako, Gargos and Riptor. More as in frustrating do to he ability to zone , shield himself, invincible DP, push back on block, throw range, ect… in a great players hands, it can be really tough to get in and once you get in he can over power you on DP, throw, and cold shoulder.


i got back on the game, 8-2 on requalifying. got teabagged 3 times alrdy during the matches and they died with exception of 1 but ill remember him later when my rust is gone. the community on ranked is still full of little bitchess


Yes the are! 2 in particular…1 i mentioned up above and the other is… ughh I cant remember his name right now but he pissed me off the other night in ranked. Typical online punk that tea bags constantly and goes for as many ultras as possible.


they need to freeze character control after an ultra is done, that would alleviate it plenty


I find the worst being that I like to be nice to new players and either A: Pick a character a never use and learn with them or B: Don’t do anything fancy stuff and help them to learn like always doing a DP on wakeup, only blocking and never teching a grab, always grabbing on wake up etc etc. And almost EVERY SINGLE TIME, if they beat me they start to SMASH DAT DOWN DPAD LIKE A MADMAN. They then proceed to not accept my rematch and then decide to trash talk me via message.

Guess that’s what I get for trying to help people. It’s funny how the most disrespectful people never want to back up their bark with some bite. Strange world we live in full immature people


No good deed goes unpunished :slight_smile:

I don’t help anyone who doesn’t have a mic. If they are nice about it, then I will help. Otherwise I don’t care.

I don’t blame KI. This is a problem with every multiplayer game. A group of people who live on just one game being dixks to everyone else. Group PVP games are the worst.


this is also why i like tekken, game doesnt give you a chance to grief or give grief lmao


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I feel you there man! Happens to me too! try to be cool and they just run it and your day! lol


Im playing Marvel vs Capcom Ultimate…the old one not the new one. I have no idea what IM doing or how to do anything…I dont even know how to tag in a new character LOL…but its kind of fun. Im just mashing DP and fireball motions and pulling trigger…BOOM! lol


Well, I may be getting a new job soon. Long story but the gist of it is it’d be for a life insurance company that needs representatives in around my area, because their main office is 3 hours away. I’ve got an interview Thursday morning, though from talking to the guy over the phone I think it’s more of a formality than anything. He pretty much already interviewed me over the phone earlier today.


if it pays better, thats awesome hope you land it! meanwhile im here at work taking care of jobs. today has been very trivial stuff from everyone, nothing to really use my brain with. good thing too, cuz im wearin pretty nice clothes and would hate to have to get under desks or in the roof lol.

got compliments from cute co workers in the process, too bad theyre married. i dont need that karma landin on my asss when i have very good things goin on


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Don’t lie. That happened last week. :laughing:

And she was 86. :laughing: