The blank spot under random in stage select

Does anyone else think that this could possibly be for stage that has yet to be announced ? A secret ? Or special announcement for a later date. Maybee a community fund stage or something.

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Sky stage


That is EXACTLY what I was thinking . Do you really think they’ll actually do that ? I sure hope they do…

They’ll fill the blank spot with a picture that says “Stay Tuned”


They HAVE to do this or i will be sorely disappointed.

could be a random theme select maybe?

I thought random theme select is within the Theme menu?

A Sky Stage would be cool, indeed.

oh it might be. Haven’t seen it all yet so just taking guesses.

I mean they HAVE to put something there . It makes no sense to have a blank space right smack there in the center of the stage select.

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Training stage perhaps?


A stage for Gargos I’m hoping. There’s no way the final boss of the entire game doesn’t have his own stage


I was also thinking this too . Maybee it’s a surprise and they haven’t mentioned it with the new stages

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It will probably be a shadow version of a current stage seeing as how they will most likely release a second shadow character for S3 as the bonus 9th character.

Could also be just that we have an uneven row of stages because of only 3 stages this season and they just decided to put the blank there instead of the ends.

There is also a possibility of just a hidden stage that is unlockable in some mode like in S1 you got Shadow Jagos stage for beating him in arcade mode, or sky stage?

All this is just speculation of course.

Thinking back to that video Max posted last year didn’t it tease training mode allowing the use of stages? If so then when you go into training mode that empty spot would be taken up by the training stage.

This is a very good possibility as well.

I’d LOVE for tha tto be a thing

Gargos’ Stage! It has to be.

The Stay Tuned is my vote.


I hope it’s a unlockable stage like Shadow Tigers lair was in S1.