The auto-censorship on this forum is completely insane and unnecessary

It’s my understanding that this forum uses some sort of propriety Microsoft software, and therefore uses some ultra G-rated censorship software that they developed. But the sheer amount of censorship on this forum is so over the top as to be ridiculous. In fact it even often gets in the way of having a conversation or using specific non-offensive terms. I once had to edit my post that said “head-b(u)tt” (as in, the actual attack known with this name) because the auto-censorship software kicked in and censored my usage of “b(u)tt”. Certain words that aren’t even remotely offensive get censored as well, like the word “d(ea)th”, which has even been censored in the character description in the Maya subforum posted by one of your own employees.

Enough is enough. Please, treat us like reasoning adults and remove this ridiculous feature. We are not small children who need our eyes protected from vulgarities, and much less do we need you to do it for us. We are all discerning grown ups here with the ability to choose our words and what sort of interactions we’d like to have.

  1. Well, it’s a T-Rated game, so not everyone on this forum is going to be an adult.
  2. Profanity is not exactly required to sound like a reasonable adult.
  3. This thread is stupid.

Forums are a tricky thing, that’s for sure. There are definitely some instances where the word list generated for auto-correction goes a bit too far, and we like to handle those on a case by case basis, so thanks for pointing out anything you may deem too unnecessary. However when it comes to cursing, that’s just not needed when having a discussion.

If you feel the need to do use such language, feel free, but note that the filter will catch it, and anything over-egregious in nature that doesn’t abide by the Xbox Live Terms of Use can and will be actionable. Oh, this also includes blatantly bypassing the filter because you don’t agree with the words.

I’m looking through to see if the words you listed have already been removed - I believe they have but it won’t retroactively change what’s already been posted. If you find any more let me know. Thanks!