The Art of a Lag Switch

Today I ran into a Lag Switcher during Ranked Play. I’ve seen a few posts here and there where people ask how they can tell if somebody is lag switching versus just general lag or a bad connection. With a lag switch there are usually clues. Firstly general lag is never specific. If the match is laggy you’ll get lag through the match and sometimes those matches will disconnect. I ran into a Riptor today that was playing on a bad network. The match would be fine for a minute and then it would slow. Of the three times I played him, it diconnected twice.

With a lag switch the lag always occurs at specific times.
Here’s my fight.

The match begins like normal. The Thunder player is decent enough, but has a really hard time breaking my attacks. He gets me into a corner, and as soon as I pop Instinct, the lag begins. This isn’t just any lag though. My Instinct is rendered completely useless and I can barely move. Once my Instinct is spent, the lag stops. Unfortunately due to the lag, the match is now desynced. So much of what you are seeing isn’t what is actually happening.

Now all in all, this doesn’t always mean it is a lag switch, however this occurred in EVERY match I played against this individual and always during my Instinct activation. I’ve reported this individual several times in the past for the same thing.

I’m not going to mention names, but I would like whoever is over the reporting system, to flag their account as this isn’t the first time I’ve seen this, and hopefully get them on the path of the straight and narrow.

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This is really interesting to see in action and is very accurate footage of what to look out for in terms of fishy behaviour in KI.

I have experienced this several times against players in the past - usually starting when I hold the advantage, whether I have had it for the entire match or not, usually when you’re perfectly keeping your rhythm and the fight is flowing well, suddenly there is lag out of the blue.

Hopefully something can be done about this. (Along with a few irritating errors KI has been having for quite a while that there appears to be no action on!)

Yo wsup web. Yeah I noticed it against that player in particular. I’ve reduced my energy for this game for this particular reason. I usually run into the lagers at night close to the end of the month.


Sup!!! It has been a while. Pretty much every time I run into the guy in the vid it goes south. Even Bass got a lagger (one I knew as a known cheater) on his stream. He was able to pin point exactly when they guy would lag.
It’s sad, to be honest.

But hey I got my Star so I just play for fun now. :joy_cat:

Hey reeeek20! Didn’t know you had an account here

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ive run into plenty of these losers during my time in KI. ill be giving them a beating of their life then on 2nd round suddenly im lagging and everything just starts working out for them. ive lost some, and ive won some. i played FPS games on dial up, i was born in lag. i was molded by it. bring it ■■■■■■■ lol

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Congrats on the star! I should have had sooooo many but I lose my patience at the end of the month with the cheaters lol I’m surprised I have what I have.

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Hey code! yeah I’ve had this account for some time now, I just haven’t used it in some time I want to get back into the game I think I’ll change my character though


You are the Aganos player. I thought you were brazilian since the game would match us quite often whenever I played.
Or maybe KI wanted to matched me vs many Aganos players,lol. (this is also truth about Glacius players, but I feel the game liked trolling me :slight_smile: ).