The AI in Shadow Lords can be frustrating for a mediocre player

That’s how AI’s have always been in fighters. The AI just goes “sure, you can’t beat me anyway, I’ll just let you win. I’m getting bored.”

It’s the ultimate taunt. When a machine can mock humans, people get really salty.

Yeah, but in this day & time they’re usually more subtle about it.


True, the rise of the machine…is at hand. Prepare ourselves.

I know I can mostly break the current AI combos with H breakers

Shadows who knows

My measure stick is SF2. How the AI could do moves that required charging back to back with no charge at all

Wow, way to over buff the boss guys.

I just got my ■■■ BEAT on NORMAL with all of his buffs removed while using 2/5 PERFECT KILLER GUARDIANS and my mains. Never have I felt like such as scrub. Jesus this is frustrating.

Well people said the beta was too easy…so…Ig heeded the call and flipped the switch.

Yeah a few killer tier godlike players complained, now this is seemingly unplayable on NORMAL if you’re not a genius at this game.

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Well is he the boss character.

Normal Gargos is playing how Godlike gargos did before, its not fun.

Well it could be worse.

Not particularly, kinda killed my mood to play this game. As a mainly solo player of moderate skill the AI dumping on you on normal isn’t really supposed to happen.

My pal who is of a lower skill level than I am is saying the AI on beginner is stomping his butt all around VS CPU mode whereas he was able to play just fine before.

Why not just practice then?

Dude you’re missing the point.

I’ve been “practicing” this game for three years, I’m as good as I’m going to get and I’m okay with that. I play to relax and have fun, not to strive to be the best. I know I’m hella salty right now but come on, the easiest difficultly shouldn’t be reaming low skill players that hard no matter how much it doesn’t effect you as a player.

Instead of telling the casuals to get better, how about we balance the easy mode so its not frustratingly difficult?

I’m not to sure SL is for you. Ask the devs then to lower the difficulty on normal then.

It says normal is for people who are “new to fighting games” so obviously Shadow Lords is for everyone. Don’t be like that, the difficulty was perfectly balanced in early access for low skill players and now it seems to have been over compensated because the skilled players weren’t happy.


Well ask the devs to get a potential change then.

Don’t worry we scrubs are going to come out of the woodwork because that is just stupidly hard for the “easy” mode. So much for my 100% KI achievements because I’ll sure as hell never beat him on Godlike if I can’t even beat him on normal with all of his buffs removed.

Ok, go for it. I don’t support it, but I’ll just be neutral towards it.

I was afraid this would happen. I few skilled players say it is too easy, and they make it hard for them. If IG wanted to change the godlike gargos that is one thing, but they could have left normal alone.