The Addition of a Command Grab (for combo) Character

So, an idea that was thrown around is more of a true blue command grab character that could utilize his command grabs in a combo.

I’d like to bring this topic back up and discuss how this could be done. But we need to establish in KI’s combo terms how command grabs should be considered in the combo system.

The only character we can use for this is Thunder, since he has two command grabs, but only one of them that actually starts as an opener and can be used as a linker. With Thunder, the way to get out of his command grab linker is through literally anticipating it and teching during the start up. While not exactly a combo breaker, Thunder’s opponent still has the potential damage on their life bar.

Right now, in my view, how command grabs can be used within a combo you just treat them as linkers and obviously break per the strength used, making the fierce an ender and shadow being a level 5 ender or a 5 hitting linker…

How could this make sense in KI’s system?