That Shadow Lords purple Omen skin

I need it.

I don’t know if its one of Omen’s new colors to be or a lighting trick on the Astral Plane but the sick “shadow” purple colored Omen needs to be mine.

EDIT: I watching the video in the archives and on the vs screen its indeed color 6, the neon purple one. For some reason it looks completely different on the Astral plane stage…


It’s a lighting effect on his Color 1.

He looks demonic AF on Astral Plane. I love it.

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I thought that was just the effect on his color 6? It happens on Devils landing as well.
I agree its my favorite color that he “sometimes” has.


Yeah its color 6, when he does a shadow move for a split second the actual color 6 pops in all neon like and then goes back to looking awesome. Its also the case if you go back and watch the replay, color 6 is on the vs screen before the match.

Yeah on astral plane all of his colors revert back to what they originally looked like for the most part.

Well hopefully this becomes a real color soon.

It is/was, good thing is if you ever want to see it you can always play on AP.

It was? I thought color 6 was always neon pink/purple.

It was a dark purplish pink color originally just like how his original default was a very dark blue almost black color.

When did it go neon? As far back as I can remember its been that way.

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When they changed the brightness on his colors, I think it happened when they released gargos but pretty much all of his colors were dark black interior and dark colors on the outside.

That doesn’t sound right, the colors might have been brightened but I swear that his color 6 has always been an inverted neon bright purple color. Nothing like what we’re seeing on Astral plane now.

Yeah, in this dude’s video from January of last year it shows Omen’s final color is all crazy bright, unless I’m misunderstanding your meaning.

Oh ■■■■ I stand corrected I was thinking about his color 6 on devils landing, it was the only map I truly ever used that color with lol. I will say one thing though I still prefer his original colors 1&4 the way used to be, the other colors though thank the shadow lord that they changed them.


Stuff like this really baffles me sometimes.

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