That moment when your Shadow beats you in a FT5

Title. I was doing a first to five against my thunder shadow. I used Jago. It was a 3-5 and the Shadow won. Yesterday night was a sad one. Rip Sasuke 99I 2014-2016.

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I’d offer my condolences, but I will back Thunder over Jago any day of the week lol.

I will get revenge with my Fuglore. Tonight I shall regain my honor. Time to charge uo my Fug unit.

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if My shadow ever bet me, I’d be proud because ten it would be able to hold itself somewhat

Both my shadows are huge disappointments. :unamused:

Either they inexplicably refuse to use instinct (Sadira shadow) or have somewhere approaching zero general defensive capability (Hisako). And yes, I did try to be intentional about recording games where I did both,

I get pretty close matches out of my Jago shadow, which has been extremely satisfying. It still has some slightly bad habits that I’ve since unlearned, though.

The day you lose to your shadow is the day where you should probably play a new character lol