Thanks Iron Galaxy :)

Genuinely didn’t think you’d reward people that have purchased the ultra edition
Very grateful for a free Eagle, heck I would of been happy with a free emblem or skin for supporting the game for so long :slight_smile:

Depending how much I like him, I will probably throw my money to you guys and buy him anyway :slight_smile:

I hope you guys are secretly working on a new KI though :slight_smile:

Also if you see this Rukizzal when can we see that Crackdown 3 multiplayer action :wink:


How will people be able to get him free? I wouldn’t mind paying for him but getting him free would be real swell too!

If you bought the season 3 Ultra Edition, he’s going to be yours free. There’s a news article about regarding very specific details. He’ll be the free character on rotation this week as well. But Eagle being free won’t immediately go into effect the moment he’s launched, but once they get the metrics of who bought the Season 3 ultra edition and other stuff, they’ll entitle your free Eagle character to you. The retro costume is included, but premium accessories are separate.


I’m just gunna buy him anyway. I’ve got enough on the Microsoft account. And where do I find the premium accessories?


Yeah, just might buy him anyways to support the game, even when I have the Ultra edition. I love this game so much. :heart:


Probably when he’s added to the game, you use your KI gold to purchase them.

How many items are there? And are they expensive?

We’ll all find that out tomorrow I suspect. Just be patient and wait for the birthday presents to arrive.

Ohh ok. Do’h

I will probably just buy him as I don’t fancy waiting till later :slight_smile:

Hopefully I have enough gold saved up for his premium accessories too :smiley:

Thanks for clarification :slight_smile:

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Yeah I’ve been banking the gold too. And if you’ve been saving Bing points and trading them for Xbox currency (this is how I’ve been loading the Microsoft account) I can spend whatever is left over from buying eagle at the emporium on more gold.

I hope eagle is not a goodbye gift.

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Between the Steam version announcement, the new comic coming out later this year, the sudden shift to include the last 3 in the DE and such it sounds to me more like we got some big additions incoming in the near(ish) future.


Well, you can play him on the free rotation tomorrow, and then after a short while, he should be free anyway if you own the DE or Season 3 Ultra, but I wouldn’t mind buying him either. It was a nice gesture to show they do still care about those who are long term investors of the game from the beginning.

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Please let there be a Season 4 announcement with the Steam version.


I will buy him because I want to support KI franchise.



Should be 3 pieces per costume, right? Like other accessory kits.

ruki said there is no plan for s4 ATM…

He also said(when Shago was released) that there wasn’t plans to do more ultimates at that moment

Plans can change


thats why i said “ATM”