Thanks IG for removing STAAAGE ULTRAAAAA!

That was just bad… Nice job :wink:


I did one on Arbiter’s stage earlier and I’m pretty sure it still said it.

Really? I gotta check it out.

He’ll say “Cratered!” they changed it in either 3.5 or 3.6, can’t really remember. Anyway, the announcer will say a one-liner instead of the traditional Stage Ultra.

Unless it’s associated with the different announcers that is. But I’m fairly positive they don’t say “Stage Ultraaa!” anymore.

Doing a stage ultra test right now:
TJ combo: yes
Kan-ra: no
Aganos: yes
Hisako: yes
Arbiter: yes

I tried out both new and classic announcers. I also went back after I checked them all to see if Kan-ra’s maybe was just a glitch, but it had no “Stage Ultra!” again.


Is it a bug or intentional then?

I’m not sure. It might be a bug, but then again with Kan-ra’s stage it seemed like it was doing it constantly.

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What about Aria’s ?

Dang…I knew I was missing something…
Yeah, it still says stage ultra.

…Also, I didn’t check Arias announcer voice…because…it’s just awful…:disappointed_relieved: :confused:

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Please remove all of them. This will make me very happy.


Really. Yeah I did it on Kan Ra and it wasn’t there so I assumed… Hrmmm…

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Correction…apparently it is bugged, because I was just playing online and had Kan-ra’s stage ultra performed on me, and the announcer did in fact say “Stage Ultra!! Banished!!”

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