Thank you

You have taken a once great game and turned it into total ■■■■. The game is now more about throw set ups and keep away than real combos. Makes me very sad to try and like this game any longer. So thank you for ripping the heart and soul out of this great title.

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I always love reading a post praising season 1 for something it was terrible at. You actually can do more long combos easier now then ever before with all the juggle changes. You know, instead of opener into ender, or straight into sweep setups like it once was. Or do you miss unbreakables? Lol

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Soooo… can you please specify what they “ruined” in more detail?



I don’t understand, its still a pretty good fighter.

As this is a rant post, it has been moved to off-topic.

I recommend adjusting your responses so that you can actually have a real discussion with the other members, rather than simply having created your account for the purpose of pissing on the communities’ shoes.


Don’t really care made my feelings known. The original KI was a great game this one is garbage. Delete the post if you like, no discussion needed I’m not the only person who feels this way. Just saed a great game has been reduced to throw set ups and keep away characters.

Yet you post on the official forum, letting EVERYONE here know about them. XD
That’s called hypocrisy, you know.


We probably don’t all need to respond to everything some idiot says. He thinks KI Classic is a better fighting game than this.

I can tell you this story: guy remembers playing KI as a kid. Used to beat his little brother and thinks he is awesome at fighting games. Yesterday he downloads new KI. Gets his ■■■ kicked nine ways to Sunday. Gets furious. Comes to the forums to post trash. I know, it’s a boring story.


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Hey, Don’t mix Donkey Kong with garbage Vergo :wink:

Uhh OP, your post needs more tears :cry:

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Personally I agree with @R0ughsh0t. This game is not that fun anymore. I will not go into detail on how i dislike the juggle system and how the damage potential was reduce just to have juggles and set ups.

And on a side note, to you guys who like to gang up on those members of the KI community just because they have a personal opinion towards the game or feel differently about this game; it’s their opinion and a right to bash or rant on a product that they have purchased. If you guys didn’t pay for his or her game, then let him say whatever he or she wants about the game.


No no, it’s not due to his opinion. It’s the way he talks sh#t about it.
Had he come out in a proper manner, telling about the things he dislike and what he would like to have changed etc., WITHOUT being a total d-bag about it, then this wouldn’t happen.

If you want respect, be respectful. If you act like a d-bag, you will be treated like one.
It has nothing to do with his opinion.


Umm no just because he bought the game does not give him the right to say whatever he wants on the forums. When he signed up,he alao agreed to the community guidelines. It needs to be civil. Productive. His post is not. It is a pointless rant. If it was constructive,sure. The game changed and he didn’t like it sure. His opinion. Now did he have to declare it here with no suggestions? He just ranted. Now if he said something like"I don’t really like how damage was reduced for juggles. Maybe make the damage higher but scale more in juggles?" See the difference. Ranting isn’t ok. Constructive criticism is.


Exactly this!

@anon39655210. I don’t see how he disrespected anyone by bashing a game, maybe it could have been the fact that you took it personal when he was ranting on Iron galaxy.

@Sasuke99I. I believe he does have the god given right since he is a consumer. YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO BASH OR RANT on any product or service you are paying for.

And again, guys. He was not mentioning any names or ranting on you guys, therefore he shouldn’t be ganged by you people.


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I don’t take things on the internet personally. However, I do believe that respect beckons respect. He can hate the game all he wants, he is entitled to his opinion and no one should take that away from him, but there is absolutely no reason to be an utter a-hole about it.

Like I said, act like a d-bag, be treated like one.