THANK YOU - for an amazing community forum

Well while we are all posting, sharing and trying not to get salty with each other i just wanted to say:

THANK YOU for the amazing forums!

@GoogleMyName @rukizzel im sure everyone your end has worked really hard to create all this and so far its prerty dam amazing. Im sure there is allot to add and tweak but as it stands its pretty neat.

The mobile site even works well! (Shock)

You guys are our heroes! Thanks for pushing to make the community that has pushed so hard that little bit more valued and comfortable.

For eveyone sharing videos, streaming, posting art work, creating artwork, crating merchandise or just getting your friends into this game YOUR AMAZING.

Keep pushing, keep playing, keep tweeting we are the best fans ever (as it was said at Gamescom) and we will continue to prove it!

Cheers to season 3 and onwards!


I like the upgrade but this layout is used on a lot of sites I frequent and I’m kind of sick of it. >___<

I honestly prefer the old layout, it was more simple and straightforward, the new one is a bit messy, but I think it’s all about adaptation.

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Ppl said that about air counters lol.

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I frequent the Evolve Forums and the Borderlands forums. They all have the same layout, I’m kinda burnt out on it.

Lol well i only live here :slight_smile:

So this is dead new to me lol


They all use the same technology, this kind of forums are responsive (which means that they work on tablets and smartphones as well), so they’re a better option if you want to make the community more accessible.


It’ll take some time for me to work my way around the new forums, but it’s all good, and the way that it’s going to evolve throughout the course of S3, it’ll get better


Glad you like the new forums. If you have any issues, feel free to add anything to the Site Feedback Forum


Loving the new forum!!! its amazing!


I do like this layout so much easier on my eyes nice job!


I am enjoying the all-new official Killer Instinct/Iron Galaxy forums as well here :smile:

Here here! while we have the occasional spit fest from some of our more infamous members, I love how this community is a tad more fun and also not like the Halo Community!

You guys all rock!

Also this forum is very pleasant to look at.