Thank You Combo Breaker 2017

Thanks to everyone that made it out to make Combo Breaker 2017, the best FGC event around. Thanks to all the TO’s that worked with me to get brackets done asap, all of you were great to work with and did a great job. It was my first time being a senior volunteer and in charge of a major top 8 bracket, I did my best to keep things moving. I want to do more next year to make Combo Breaker 2018 an even greater success (pending on if Richard Thiher wants me back lol), not just for KI but for all games. And finally thank you for those who watch all of KI pools, Auction, and Top 8 streams. Viewership helps keep the game alive. See you all next year.


That picture is amazing! Lol


what a moment that was!

I just imagine that image being shown during the Eagle teaser

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