Thank God KI ultra edition are rated "M"

Time to evolve. As ARIA should say… Combo breaker packs still rated as “T”.

Anyway, it sucks how even cheese games like Conker and some other gems has the mature rating. It can imply on never having ultimates and/or piercing moves being removed like those from Fulgore and Hisako’s grab. Teen rating is turning into a big issue. Please fix it. Don’t let KI turn into a cheese kid game.

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This debate and similar ones have played out many times before, and the general consensus is that the Teen rating is fine.


Conker was already M rated… KI was a T rated game

though I’m feeling the ratings board is getting a bit heavy handed with the line between Teen & Mature its getting absurd…

ESRB ratings can be soooooo arbitrary.

How does one score a job at the ESRB? Do you have to have a demonstrable background of being a stiff-neck nanny-minded busy body? Or do you just have to “know someone”?

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I agree!! I been saying this since Day 0.

Cmon dude. Its microsoft. How can a company like that bow down to esrb?! :confused:

I don’t think it’s a matter of domination or submission on the part of either party. They work together. Sure, Microsoft could probably give them the finger if so inclined, but they’re not inclined.

Besides, that wasn’t the aim of my post. All I’m saying is that the lines between T and M, though finite on the surface, are actually quite blurry and the final ratings can often boil down to very arbitrary parameters. Same deal with movie and television ratings.

Conker might look like a kids game, but it has pretty mature humour


KI 1994 - rated T
KI2/GOLD - rated T
KI season 1, 2 and 3 - rated T

Iron galaxy won’t let KI become rated M. But why you want KI rated M, they’re not like MK.

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So, I’m going to go out on a limb and guess you are Killerswift from the old forums. Can we please not spam dozens of threads on the same tired topic. MS has said literally dozens of times that the T rating is not up for discussion. Give it a rest.

The game doesn’t need more gratuitous gore.

No? ultra edition are already rated M because of the classic KI ports. Both KI1 & KI2 are M.

i know it. I know… So you’ve played Conker too. But even w/ the mature humor as comparison its not good how KI are presented as teen with all those badass artwork. To find out that the game is rated T. However, people who has the ultra edition of the seasons like i have shouldn’t worry. Im talking for the people who still owning combo breaker packs.


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