Textual streams?

Are they still a thing for s3? Also what is the order on character reveals? (Artwork->Stream->trailer->release?)


Good question, I was wondering about it too! @TempusChaoti any news about it?

That is a good question, but honestly, and strangely, I have haven’t even been worried about that really. With S3 here, I’ve just been more concerned about playing / learning the game rather than looking forward to the new stuff coming.

it is the month of mira, maybe we’ll be getting information regarding her attacks and playstyle along with a stream in about 2 weeks i think. ultra edition guys should be getting her at the end of the month. wont be long till we hear anything

I miss those textual streams ;(((

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Seeing how the devs said that they plan to go about with S3, I dought that we’ll be seeing any textural streams.