Texas Showdown Top 32 results

Thanks for everyone showing up to the TX Showdown 2016 top 32 results listed below. full brackets can be seen at http://txshowdown.challonge.com/

1 F3 Hollywood Sleep
3 UA MyGod
4 Raven is Raw
5 Fiyah Liger
6 ShinTristan
7 Rico Suave
7 waterhorses
9 Hi Im Keith
9 UA TBNDaymein
9 Yiffy Shonryu
9 UA Who-lio
13 ThaLucianDragon
13 UA Charlieboy
13 NINOx52
13 TexAce NS
17 482 | Creole Mustard
17 ohDamn Josh
17 SkeetMasterA
17 UL KingKoopa
17 UL DevilMayCare4
17 Papa Hankhill
17 The Zipstar
25 C88 | Scrubbdaddy
25 Raider Crane
25 OrchidBabyDaddy AKA Enrique Glacius
25 TM Sir 2 Step
25 Chozo55
25 ThrashHeavy
25 UA | Q Style
25 Zero Syndicate


Guess who sleep does not play anymore? Kan Ra, because even he must acknowledge that the mummy man got hit hard. He is still viable, you just have to work your :racehorse: off to get the momentum started.

Here you go, in case you missed it.


@BigBadAndy @DyingAlloy66626
(I had found another vid but cannot find it anymore)


Dude you are awesome thank you very much. :thumbsup:

So much awesome in here. Thanks for the link.

Holy ■■■■. I finally got around to watching the full grand finals and that was just ridiculous. I’ve never seen a better finals in a fighting game tournament. Comes down to a single match with both guys in danger? Damn!

IT was the best I seen in years since grief vs. the florida dude

I felt there was collusion cuz Bass was never counter breaking his combos even after sleep broke them several times

But collusion for what? And remember for the first part of S3 it was nearly impossible to land those counters so maybe Bass just was in the habit of letting the juggle breaks go. He was only losing a small amount of damage.

collusion for not counter breaking the heavy cinder air recapture, when it was combo breaked like three times in a single round

Yeah genius, I heard you the first time. But what I mean is collusion for what purpose? In order for there to be collusion, the two players have to both gain something and they have to be cheating someone out of it. Who are they cheating and out of what? Why would they make an agreement for Bass not to counter break Sleep on the recapture? What does Bass get out of it? And, if they were colluding for Sleep to win there are lots of ways to make it more convincing then to simply not counter break air recapture.

You sound ridiculous. And by the way, collusion is a pretty serious accusation in a competitive context. So I wouldn’t go throwing that around if I were you.

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I am 23 yrs old and I see you are much older and even have kids, so I would hold my nerfs, control myself and not respond anything disrespectful to you. Im out. peace

My God is an amazing player. Really love watch that guy playing.

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I’m going to Nerf the comment that was saying off the top of my head, minus the few obscenities, young man or 23 yr old kid don’t make a charged accusation without some what of an inclining of proof.I know them both they both wanted to win pressure and tournament is different then you sitting on your couch eating cheesy poof while playing in the comfert of you home

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Ouch man let’s try and be professional.