Texas Showdown 2017 Roll Call and Links!

Just asking if anyone’s going to Texas Showdown 2017 in Houston. I’m willing to show people around Houston and if anyone wants and we could meet up at the Hilton Post Oak (location of Texas Showdown). If you’re going, contact me by sending me a personal message and I’ll give you my email and all that good stuff.

Hope to see you guys there!

Registration: https://txshowdown.com/Account/NewRegistration
Texas Showdown site: https://txshowdown.com/
Need a room? Here you go: http://www.hilton.com/en/hi/groups/personalized/I/IAHWSHH-TXS-20170501/index.jhtml?WT.mc_id=POG
Here’s the schedule for the weekend*: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1_JK0jCcVYnqX6gR7iPQO3e3YSBd9EpRIX7-OWrfNXvQ/edit#gid=1758986634

*schedule is subject to change and is not complete

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Can you post all the links and info on this thread? Rename it Texas Show down Roll call and links?

Id like to go, I just need to know the specifics and see if i can plan accordingly.

Alright bro!

Alright, I fixed it!

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What day is KI and its finals? Id like to go if its all on saturday.

I think KI is all weekend and the finals should be on Sunday, I believe.

Also, I just updated the topic and the link for the schedule should be there.

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KI pools 1-4 start at 2 PM CT and KI pools 5-8 start at 4 PM CT on Saturday. KI Top 8 starts at 4 PM CT on Sunday. Sorry about the confusion!

All good man, maybe we can get more ppl to go. Ill share on facebook too!

I cant promise Il be able to go, but Im definitely going to try.

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Hey guys can you pin this topic at the top of tournaments section please? thanks

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Fyi, for some reason, I don’t see this is being pinned.

I just registered myself and wanted to let you all know today is the last day to register online!

(Side note - we uhhh prolly shoudlve made more noise regarding this and any other offline KI tournaments as it can likely help offline scenes grow! Oh well, here’s to more promo for the next major! :D)

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Skeletal and rukari have pinned my Role call posts before…did you ask them about this one?

Anyone have the Twitch stream link?

2PM - 4PM: Killer Instinct Pool Group A (Pools 1-2)
4PM - 6PM: Killer Instinct Pool Group B (Pools 3-4)

4PM - 6PM: Killer Instinct Top 8

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TOP 8 starts in 10 mins!

@rukizzel @xSkeletalx @FinchoMatic
Hey guys can we get this pinned or something that everyone will see so they can tune in?

The comeback by Nicky vs Bass - https://clips.twitch.tv/PlausibleHorribleJackalBCouch

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Nicky won!