Terrordrome: Reign of the Legends

There’s a sequel to successful horror fighting game Terrordrome in development and will begging a Kickstarter soon. Just keep in mind this is a early demo of the game.

Demo -


The visuals look pretty good. I won’t judge the gameplay at this point.

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I love the original game…just wish my PC wasnt so old and decrepit… it just doesnt play games well at all. I wish the original horror characters would make it to this version but its too hard to get the license for those icons.

As much as the developers want to bring back characters such as Freddy Krueger and Chuckie it was would cost them a lot for the copyright.

Those characters are fine, but really the terror genre lends itself to all kinds of interesting generic or public domain characters. Most of the licensed material is of pretty questionable creative value, looking objectively.

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I just really want to play a fighting game with Michael Myers…thats really the main issue for me here. Hoping this new Halloween movie releasing this October 19th will possibly get Myers into MK11!

Ladies and gentlemen Terrordrome: Reign of Legends now has a official trailer and soon a Kickstarter.



I remember liking the original Terrordrome a good deal; despite the limitations of Fighter Maker as an engine they really made something meaningful of the gameplay. A problem is that to many people the main appeal of Terrordrome was the licensed characters, so I don’t see this one getting too far unless they do something truly outstanding with the roster or game itself.

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Do keep in mind this is 3 guys who are working on this. Plus they want to make into a official game so it’s gonna be impossible to license the horror characters since they a small company.


More good news their is now available if want to support it.

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No I know, it’s just that ever since this version was revealed I already saw people dismissing it because “the licensed characters made Terrordrome” etc. It’s basically a red flag in terms of appeal, and if the gameplay ends up being amazing it would be bad if the game failed because people didn’t want to play it for not having the movie characters.

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I see your point.

After being cancelled because of a failed kickstarter, now back in production all thanks to an old friend of the developers who was kind enough to help them donate some money to make sure this game is alive and kicking, here is a Alpha build of the game, this game does have potential but just needs to polished a lot more then we’re good. :slight_smile:

Val Helsing Trailer-

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New footage: