Terms of use for Xbox Live

So, people keep posting dumb stuff and getting it erased - which I am fine with.

But it’s bothering me that the message left behind says that they are violating the Xbox Live terms of use. This is problematic to me because I can’t find anything in the link to the Xbox Live terms of use that says anything about barring the user from discussing rumors or leaks about games. Maybe someone can help me here.

I am 100% supportive of their right to control the content on this forum but if we are going to be all “lawyered up” about it I’d like to understand where it is that we agreed to this.


I think it depends exclusively on how you refer the leaks and with which intent you’re doing it.

Let me explain it fairly: If I say “Guys, I know the identity of x characters and I think they’re fantastic. Good job, IG” is a matter. But if I say “WTF are these x characters?” is another thing.

After asking about the leak fashion show that happened in these days, thanks to a suggestion to somebody, I checked the net and I discovered with a “oh” what they meant.

Considering the direction that has been taken, the leaks can be used as a weapon of sabotage of IG and MS’ job (can’t explain you the reason, of course). So, in few words, people letting the leaks out here might be complaining about X or Y because of the manipulation of a game they like. Hence, they want to reveal information in order to sabotage or to create an obstacle to MS/IG’s work and to change point of view.

After this prelude, I explain you how the Xbox Live terms have been interpreted under this circumstance. The leaks themselves aren’t enough to proceed for a ban or a ninja-cleaning, but if you use them as a tool to start a fight, a flame war or even a campaign of “S3 sucks, don’t buy it”, well then…it’s against the terms of Xbox Live because you’re disrupting the service and the job of the Microsoft itself, considering KI is property of Bill Gates’ company.

In conclusion, the terms being infringed are related to the paths taken on using the power of knowledge, or I should say leakage. Interpretation of law is the key of understanding the actions taken by devs.

I’m not really sure what you mean.

To be clear, again, I’d be super happy with a message that said “shut up. This is our forum and we will delete your post if we feel like it. So shut up.”

I’m just having trouble identifying what term of use is being violated. Maybe I’m just missing it so I would be happy to have someone point it out to me.

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LOL well thats why they are banned then! Coz thats gonna happen there. everyone has an opinion. FLAME WARS lol

Im with @bigbadandy its sad that Shoryuken write a whole article on but we cant discuss it here.

it would be nice if the devs popped up a post and pinned it telling us why we all need to wait, rather than post XBL TOU on us.

This isnt xbox live anyway. I can violate as many xbox live rules i want here as long as it doesnt violate the forum rules. Or am i wrong?

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I was just about to post something similar you beat me to it lol

I had a look through and like yourself I couldn’t find the section that details “not sharing/discussing leaked content real or fake”

All I could find was the section on “your content” that details content you share you must have permission to and that MS will then claim ownership of that content royalty free. However it does not detail discussing said content?

Would be nice to have @TempusChaoti or @rukizzel to show the section of the TOU that is being violated here

The link takes you to a gigantic Microsoft Service Agreement which contains general terms and then some specific subsections for different services, like Xbox live and Skype. The terms are pretty much what I would expect - don’t spread hate, cause harm to children, post pictures of bestiality etc.

As far as the forum, I honestly don’t think they have to put up with anything. It’s not a public space, so they can do whatever they want - kick you off for looking at them funny. I don’t think they want to do that stuff and I’m actually pretty annoyed at people for posting dumb stuff that they know is causing problems.

But at the same time some people are just idiots and then when they get their post deleted and thread locked they are freaking out and I don’t think they should say you are violating terms of use if you aren’t. And again, maybe they are and I just can’t find the clause - but I’m not seeing anything in there that looks to me like it would apply.

It’s just all the American boils up inside me and I don’t like to see people getting sort of threatened if they haven’t violated anything.

Of course they can do whatever they want here but the xbox live TOU don’t apply here. Same as if i go to america i dont have to follow portugals rules anymore even though i am portuguese citizen.

I found it!

Leaks make children cry.

…er, I mean

But I’m not too sure about that either.

I will say that, whilst there’s always empathy for promoters who leak information before it’s planned to get out there, the utter lack of information thus far has left people out in the cold and made S3 especially susceptible to leaks. Also, this might get censored, but the leak contained some reassuring things where officially released information kinda hasn’t.


They could possibly use this good find, it’s a real lightweight argument from them but could be enough.

I would interpret that clause to have more to do with things like account sharing, or hacking into the system. I don’t know if there’s any real connection to what’s going on here.

The idea that @Dragonps mentions that says you must have permission to use any content you post here seems like a better argument to me. If it’s real content, then the owner (MS) has not given you permission to post it. But I think they would be hard pressed to apply this to posts that don’t contain pictures or significant intellectual property. It’s pretty thin.

What it doesn’t say is “you agree to not discuss any rumors or leaks about future game content - whether true or false.”

I mean, I don’t want to be a ■■■■ about this. I am (again) totally supportive of them closing down the thread. But if discussing rumors about the game violates the ToU, then we are all violating them pretty much all the time…

Hey, I tried. :stuck_out_tongue:

We honestly need official confirmation from someone to show us where in the TOU does this apply, otherwise the bans are baseless and rather unfair considering most users simply spoke about what they had saw

I havent responded to the leaks in any way so far out of respect. And I feel bad for the developers who probably wanted to show everything they have worked on, in a way that gives each part a moment in the spotlight. It gives me the feeling they are very proud of every single thing they made.

However as Fnrslvr (glad I dont have to pronounce that :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:) said, the leaks also contained reassuring information, at least to me (if its true).

I hope they come out with a post explaining everything though, this is messing up the board a bit…

Ugh. Guys, I don’t want to get the thread locked up and tossed out of hear by talking about stuff they don’t want us to talk about. I just want some clarification on the terms.

Eh, they can do what they want with their forums. You might think it unfair, but honestly, “freedom to discuss leaks” isn’t the hill I want to die on.

Fenris-ulvur, sans vowels. Signing up for accounts on new services with existing names makes you do crazy things, sometimes.

True this :sweat_smile:

Has anyone messaged a MS rep for confirmation on this issue? I sent a tweet to Adam but guess he was really busy.

It’s 3:00 am in Washington.

I sent it as soon as the bans and thread removals began, again I guess he’s been busy