Terminator: Dark Fate


All-new Terminator movie and not only that it is officially a direct sequel to Terminator 2: Judgement Day for the Terminator film series :smile: :grin: :smiley: :grinning: :sunglasses: :+1:


nope. ZzzZZzzZZz


But why not? :confused:


john connor: am i a joke to you


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Because they consistently murdered the saga filming abominations?

Genesis was terrible even from a marketing point of view, spoiling in the trailers the movie’s plot twist


that was the best trailer i ever saw. lmao, oh hey john connor is a terminator! hahahahaha


Me, before the trailer:
“Arg, another Terminator movie I don’t wanna watch”
After the trailer
“Well ■■■■, they tricked me into actual seeing the full movie XD”

Never a trailer ■■■■■■ so hard it’s movie


you know they also did the same ■■■■ to dredd with karl urban. they showed the ending and it was like wtfffff. but the thing with dredd was that the movie was actually very good and a welcome surprise. terminator genisys though? lol not so much. idk, my friends want to see dark fate but i am totally unimpressed but that may also be due to me just watching john wick 3 which had ridiculous action that was amazing to see. that said, if anyone wants to see dark fate i totally encourage them to. more power to ya! but its not for me, hasnt been since T2 judgement day

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Looks okay, but I said the same about Genisys and that ended poorly for me. Might be worth a watch on DVD someday.

Speaking of which I recently bought a special edition copy of T2 that I haven’t opened yet. Haven’t seen that movie in almost a decade.

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Some of the CGI in the trailer was horrible and I’m guessing very meme worthy. I have no issue with a female protector since I’ve heard her arrival scene is very similar to that of the female resistance fighter in the Robocop vs The Terminator comic.

My take is that the young woman in the trailer will be the daughter of John and he won’t feature any more.


i was thinking the girl they are protecting could be kyle reese’s future mom