Tera Online coming to PS4 2017

This is a game I’ve followed for years and couldn’t play.
I’m glad it is coming to consoles-

The character creation aspect alone seemed out of this world.

I lost interest as soon they started making classes that were locked to certain races and genders. Two classes are only available to the female-only loli-race, while two other classes are female-only as well over a few of the other races.

It’s disgusting.

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At least it’ll be free to play. Didn’t it cost a great deal of money for the PC version

Would you say it’s hypocritical even? :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t know… the excuse I’ve heard being repeated so many times is that the devs made these classes available only for the most popular of races, as they couldn’t afford making them for all the races and genders, as it would take too much work for the animation team etc…

It’s like with IG and the remix characters. They are just trying to make some content and put it out there, but it’s not optimal.

Dunno if it is hypocritical… but it’s kinda sad that’s how it’s handled, imo.

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Tomorrow is the release of Tera for PS4