Tengu character for a potential season 4

After beholding the excellent job that was done with Gargos (props to IGS) i was wondering if we could have another winged character for KI. I know season 3 will come to an end 3 months from now but what if they are planning a big surprise and season 4 are comming later? So i came up with an idea of a Tengu character for KI and i found this on devianart.

I think a 4th season is possible plus we get Shadow Eyedol for the sake of KI plot. But please, this time less characters and more content.


A tengu character would perfect for the next series!

The heroes fought Ultratech & their leader ARIA, now they’re facing Gargos and his demonic hordes.

Wonder how they’ll take on yokai.

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Oh yes! A potential boss for a potential next KI game. A tengu could be awesome for the series. Gargoyle, Satyr Cyclops and then a Tengu boss.
This character could be the keeper of all of the martial art secrets. He may come to put an end into those demonic beings. Like an angel doing his job to protect the world. He could be a God and his herald could be a ninja. OMG this gives me tons of Samurai Shodown vibes. I think its really good for a season 4.

Any name suggestion for this (boss) charater? Mine is Tengoki (Heaven).

What about the Tengu having minions of his own? I can imagine Yokai-like warriors.