Tell me this wasn't slick

Not usually one to toot my own horn, but I was pretty proud of myself for this haha.


Pretty nice, though I liked the Glacius setup more, simply because it was intended.

Did you end up winning the set?

I’m obviously too new to this game to know exactly what is slick in this video. Can someone enlighten me? :stuck_out_tongue: If I ever pull off a slick move I want to know I did so I can come to these forums and brag a little. lol


I baited him into running into the grenade.

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pretty sick

Ahhhh… Thank you for enlightening me. I apologize for being all “noob” but I’m obviously one. lol Now I understand what “slick” means. :slight_smile:

You could replace that word with “awesome” or “cool” or whatever I’m just using slang lol

It ended 8-5 him cause I had to eat dinner.

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You nailed the confirm and got your combo off of that lockout, right? Of course you did. Y’know how I know you did? Cuz you da man.

Really though, that was slick. Kudos.

Thank you for using my current favorite slang term. :smiley:

OMGoth that was A M A Z I N G! :stuck_out_tongue:


Ohwait… wrong game. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Was the rest as intense as the clip? I’d like to see the entire set if you guys ever met again.

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I could record the replays if you want.


*Yawn. :sleeping:

(It was cool, not bad bro)

Don’t hurt me

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Hey, we all start out as noobs. No worries!

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