Tekken 7 Thread

So anyone excited for Tekken 7?
Cause I am pumped to play Akuma and Bryan

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I’ve never been that into Tekken, but I plan to get it because I buy fighting games…

Is there a release date yet?

I’d be happy and excited if Jun Kazama came back!

Lei, Lee, Zafina & Julia are missing!

I wonder when Eddy will be DLC…

Don’t forget Christie! She needs help!


Bro I CAN’T WAIT. Tekken 7 is very hype. I want to play yoshimitsu the most. What do you think of the rage art mechanic?

Besides Akuma, how many guests this game has or will have?

Already a Tekken 7 thread:

might as well revive it

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I think its is for Xbox one, PS4 and PC…Playstation may have street fighter 5 but no the rights to it so its good Tekken will be on both :slightly_smiling:

It will be on Xbox and PlayStation. Pc is unknown at the moment.