Tekken 7 on xbox one!

Oh yeah!

Tekken 7 is coming on XBOX ONE! What a GREAT news for XBOX VSF community!


With F**king Akuma too! No exclusive!


Tekken 7 coming early 2017 with a badass Story Mode, and TTT2 being free for Xbox Gold members!


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Do you know when TTT2 will be on gold I always wanted to try to get decent at a tekken game and this will be a perfect way to wait until Tekken 7 comes out.

I will post as soon as I know. ^^
It doesn’t seem to be up yet.

I last played either Tekken 5 or 6 on the 360, I can’t recall which it was. It had Lili (who became my main) and a really fat yet speedy character named Bob.

I wasn’t great at it, but I wasn’t terrible, either. I wonder whether having put a lot of time into learning KI and general fighting game stuff will have improved my ability to play Tekken at all? I’m hesitant about picking up Tekken 7 without knowing for sure, because playing KI didn’t really make me a better MK player, and I got frustrated with MKX and now don’t even leave it installed.

That was Tekken 6. :stuck_out_tongue:
TTT2 has ALL the characters that’s ever been in Tekken, except the orange little dino Gon from Tekken 3, and the final boss of Tekken 6, Azazel.

They need to show Armor King.

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Maybe a KI crossover related to King; could he be the true Tiger Spirit?

*corrects glasses*
King has a Jaguar mask, not a Tiger mask on.


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Que Illuminati music

Jago’s not that bright, haven’t you realized?

Gargos looks nothing like a tiger. At least King is impersonating a cat cousin.

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Hm. The Tekken and KI playstyles are very, very different. At least as different as KI and MKX I’d say. Having a good theoretical base will somewhat useful, but I doubt Your skill and development in KI would translate to much tangible gains with Tekken. That’s my take on it anyway.

Like I said I was doing “okay” with the earlier one; I used to play a bit of Tekken, Soul Calibur, and DOA casually. Obviously the combo systems are very different, but I think my understanding of general fundamentals and inputs have improved through playing KI.

The biggest problem I had with MKX was the “dial a combo” concept where you were punching in the inputs for a special three moves down the line. In my opinion, MKX felt unique in that way, where I don’t remember my time from Soul Calibur and DOA being quite as strict (though DOA was more so than Soul Calibur). I didn’t play enough Tekken to be able to recall much about the inputs.

Tekken is canned combo, but much less “dial-a-combo” felling in my recollection of it. But I haven’t seriously played one in a while.

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All characters have a few 10-hit dial-a-combo on their movelists.

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Played the first errr second? I don’t remember, the one on Playstation 2. Either way, I am pretty stoked! Always enjoyed the lore and characters, can’t wait to give it a go.

The Tekken games on PS2 were Tekken Tag Tournament, Tekken 4 and Tekken 5.

No, KI will not help with Tekken. The timing is alot different. The Tekken movement is close to MK than KI. The easiest way to explain fighting in Tekken is like this. You imput the first 2 moves back to back, then when the second one connects imput the next one. You are always one move ahead than what you see on screen. At least that is how King’s six grab move works, along with Yosi’s 10 hit combo, also Nina while I am thinking about it.

Yup, found it

The only Tekken I ever played. Well, I did give Tekken x SF a go, but that was rather underwhelming that I often forget its existence.