Technology-Illiteracy Thread

So do you know or have you met any people who are basically AND practically technology-illiterate? Overall if you have ANY stories of technology-illiteracy, feel free to share them on this thread.

As for me here I know at least couple of individuals who are technology-illiterate: My stepdad and my friend’s mom. For my friend’s mom, in fact, she happened to told me that her mom is quite technology-illiterate including not knowing what a computer mouse is nor having any idea at all on how to use it. As for my stepdad, he doesn’t know much about computers or (now) smartphones and tablets for that matter besides the BASIC functions to them AND despite the fact that (if I recalled correctly) he received a degree in computer science. Now how ironic is that? :stuck_out_tongue:

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My parents. Dad always ask me for my password on stuff. I ask why? He replies that it would help him with learning how to use his computer… My mom doesn’t even try.

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I got my very 1st smartphone earlier this week. :slight_smile:


Well then Geek… welcome to the 21st Century. :smiley:

My Grandfather… hands down. He can’t even turn on the TV by himself. :stuck_out_tongue:

My Mom as well, HOWEVER, she is a LOT more literate than she reveals herself to be. She magically becomes tech illiterate when she doesn’t want to mess with it. :stuck_out_tongue: That’s when I get the call.

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My mother’s largely the same way. She needs so much help using her computer, but when she wants to research something, I’ve never seen anyone do it better online.

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I got my first smartphone in February of this year. In June I figured out how to use Twitter.

Yesterday I spent 20 minutes trying to figure out messaging via the XBox app before giving up and using other messenger mediums that I know how to operate…

My little brother tells me it’d be funny if I weren’t 26. That just makes it sad, apparently. :sweat:

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