[Tech?] You can change the side you land on after a MP WB > LK air combo

Sorry about the weird title, let me explain:

If you do an air combo and decide to end it by cancelling an attack into Medium Widow’s Bite and follow up with Light Kick (flipout), you can change which side of the opponent you land on depending on your timing.

If you do MP Widow’s Bite, after you wait just a split second and follow up with LK you will land in front of your opponent (of course, this is normal).

However, if you do MP Widow’s Bite and then follow up with LK as soon as MP Widow’s Bite’s recovery is over, you will flipout behind your opponent.

You might be wondering if the attack you do before cancelling into MP WB matters, and it doesn’t seem like that’s the case. I’ve tested different buttons before cancelling, and different launcher types leading to the air combo too, and it doesn’t seem to matter. Nothing seems to effect rather or not you can do this different timing and basically choose which side you want to land on.

Here are two combos that are really different but still work, for an example:

  • Throw > Jump Cancel > LP > MK > MP Widow’s Bite cancel (doesn’t matter if it’s on the first OR second hit of MK) > LK (can delay for in-front position or do it as soon as possible for in-back position).

  • Cr.MK > LP Demon Blade > MP Auto > F+HK Launcher > Jump Cancel > HK > MP Widow’s Bite > LK (can delay for in-front position or do it as soon as possible for in-back position).

Basically: Inputting LK after MP WB earlier will result in a side-switch with your opponent when you land. You can vary between which side you land on to mix-up/cross-up your opponent.

An important question is rather or not it’s hard to pull off, and the answer is no… not really.

I don’t even play Sadira, I was just giving her a try in training mode to see how she is after the new patch. I’m really like how she plays and her new attack properties, so I started to really get into practicing. I came across this my accident, but after figuring out what was causing it, I’m able to land it about 80% of the time when I want to. So that’s me with barely any Sadira muscle memory and I’m still able to pull it off pretty consistently – and I’m sure I will get even better at it with practice.

I’m not really sure if this counts as “tech” so I just decided to make a new thread.

EDIT: I just tested it on different character sizes. It works on normal and big hitboxes, but small hitboxes (Hisako) it’s a kinda weird. It’s still possible, but all of the attacks in the air combo have to be timed differently to work.

@Infilament You are kinda the only person on here that I’m aware of that really gets into “character knowledge” for any of the characters in the game… I was just wondering what are your thoughts on this? Does this really even matter/is useful?


Yep, this definitely qualifies as tech. Being able to shift which side you flip out on with very subtle timing shifts is huge. I noticed that it seemed possible last night when I was playing her, but since I wasn’t in the lab didn’t really get the chance to tweak my timings enough to figure out what the key differences were in landing on either side.

Good find :slight_smile::thumbsup:

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Sounds cool and useful!


Thanks guys!

Lol. No need to thank us - you’re the one who found the cool new tech! :smile:

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