Tech of The Tiger Spirit!

So, since there are no threads on Jago tech, why not start one? Help me fill this post with the knowledge of the Tiger Spirit! I will be posting more stuff as I find new things out, but I’d like to make a video. If that doesn’t work out, I’ll just type it…lol. Let’s get this thread going to help Beginners & Killers find new stuff! :smile:


If in Instinct mode, If you throw Endokukens at Point-blank range and the other person pushed a button, input Cr. Light into Endoukukens as soon as your first double endokuken is done, and follow up to anything you like! (Will make a Vid if someone would like to see it in action!) :8ball:

here’s a little video of a “glitch state” with fireballs where you can connect fireballs with manuals and not automatically do an ender. I like to use it to rack up potential damage and also get health/cash it all out.

Looking forward to finding this quite filled up with stuff for me to learn.

all Jago mains who are interested in learning and improving with he character ask, either myself RM JagoBlake or Her0ofTim3 to add you to the Jago FB Group. we will welcome and help you improve with open arms

That’s really cool, but it don’t have a Facebook. I’ve been messing around with some pressure setups with Jago, I’ll post when I have more time.

Sometimes, if you need to open a always blocking person, input cr. light twice, then Immediately input Jago’s overhead. If they anticipate it, it might not work. It’s a good opener, but use it sparingly. (I will try to make a video to show how this can work)

Of course another great tool is Infil’s guide to KI, which has helped me TREMENDOUSLY in upping my Jago play. Check out the link below and have fun with all the info Infil has blessed us with!

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I found out a lot of Jago players always hard knockdown opponents. Is there a reason to this other than setups?

Set ups are reason enough to justify it. Really if you’re in any situation with any character where you can’t kill or deal stupid amounts of damage always just go for a set up.

Sometimes you can catch someone with a Heavy DP after a hit on block that leaves you neutral. For example, a Jago Windkick or a Teched Throw. When you both are standing, catch them with a DP.

Yes to negate their plethora of wake up options. Forcing them to block and if they don’t block or try something they get blown up.

That’s why it makes some match ups a little easier to deal with

Ive been lurking here for a while but i actually am interested in being a part of the facebook group. The boards seem a bit on the dead side and i dont think all the tech gathered from before the boards were updated has been put up yet. so learning new stuff w jago has been a bit difficult for me

I’ve been away for a while lol. Been practing some instinct pressure again. Found some stuff. Not really tech, but tactics. I’ll try to make a vid.

I have too. I need to totally post on here again. Lol I’ll try to find more stuff.