Teaching an Old Spider New Tricks

I’ve mastered several things with Sadira, including some pretty awesome Jump Cancel Tech, but of late I’ve seen some pretty cool air combos.

They normally go like this, Throw > M Widow’s Bite > Juggle of choice…

I’ve never used such tech as I relied heavily on combos starting with an LP, MP, MK, HK, HP and then a Widow’s Bite of choice.

After seeing some top Sadira mains perform this cool looking combo, I went into Practice and tried to replicate it, but to no avail. I let it go for a few days and then after about an hour, I finally performed it via Tiger Knee motion of which allowed Sadira to do a Widow’s Bite after a low jump.

I still have a LOT of work to do to make it pretty, but alas… I have some new tech to perfect. :smiley:


What gets cool is when you start using grabs for a mixup, rather than a combo… *hint at some broken tech

Broken tech?? What? WHAT?

I’ve been holding back some tech (which makes widows drop +~7 on block) as well as some cool setups after grab. I’ll post them here soon probably, but I swear if anybody uses that widows drop setup and doesn’t give me credit imma pull a Liam Nessan on you :stuck_out_tongue:


Wow that does sound cool. I have been doing some empty throws (no follow up attack in the air) to create a better position for me to strike. I used this strat against a top notch Sabrewulf player the other day. We ended up even. He was shocked though as I had drastically improved my ground game over the last time we played.

I’m always down to learning new tech with Sadira. It seems that just when I think I’ve learned everything (other than Jump Canceling Blade Demon (of which is useless now anyway)) there is a new bit of tech to completely revolutionize my game style.

I swear by all that is Webbed, that I will be the most annoying Sadira EVER! :smiley:

Cool, I’ve been using medium widows bite after enders but never after a throw as far as I can remember.

I’m very curious about MonsieurDerp’s widows drop tech, tho!


This link should direct you to two clips. One is demonstrating a very simple application of widows drop tech, as well as how to preform it with all inputs visible. Note: you can use a well timed mp, in anticipation of a counter hit, and get crazy counter hit frames on it so you can do fancy combos.

The second clip is a quick demo of some other mixups, setups you can use after a grab.

The reason a grab is good for setups, is because it causes a hard knowck down, which means the opponent can only get up at a specific time, but it also gives you plenty of time to move around, as the opponent is in the air for a while. Some setups with grab are not possible with sweep (which also causes a hard knock down.)

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That’s cool. I never realised widows drop was such a good meaty. Nice find!